Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Tutorials!

Now don't get me wrong, I am by NO means an expert at anything! {Ha. That sounds horrible} What I mean is, I am learning! I have only been a Momma for a short 16 months! {Ha.}

BUT, I so LOVE projects! I may in fact be the "Queen of Unfinished Projects" but I love to have ideas, create and start anything NEW!

So, here are some of my most recent projects and the tutorials that I used. {I simply youtubed what I wanted to do and presto!}

Here we go:

My first project which I thought I would start when Santiago was in my belly was crocheting. I love it now and am glad I finally did it!

So,  I made my first hat just in time for winter.

Now I initially followed THIS VIDEO HERE.

But, then got some help from my Mother-in-Law and Ricardo's Grandmother and then finally combined both teachings and got it done!

Here is the hat I made:

My second project was BRACELETS! These have been so much fun! I loved learning how to do it and it was just so easy, I have not stopped!

To make these I simply USED THIS VIDEO HERE.

And this was my result:

And finally, a project that I loved but still need to tweek was TU-TUs. This one was a bit uhm difficult to master. I made it over my bed. {Explaining: My son was in the living room with my husband and the only way to keep them both from calling my name or asking what I was doing..I hid. Hehehehe} But, the next one will be better. I hope. Hehehehe.

For this one, I found not only the simplest way to do it but the cutest girl ever who gives the tutorial.

And this is what I came up with:

NOW, My favorite store to buy all of my "project making supplies" is HOBBY LOBBY! And in each aisle they have instruction sheets that match the products they are selling. I picked up instruction sheets for crocheting and for jewelry making...they have been my inspiration! Plus Hobby Lobby has the best sales and coupons!  {This is totally my opinion, I am in no way affliated with Hobby Lobby nor have they asked me to give a review or my share this information with you. Again, this is all my own personal opinion.}

What projects have you been up to lately!?
Don't be shy!

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