Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday's {Christmas and New Years!!! Whoo-hoooo} Hello 2011!

{ Christmas }

All I wanted for Christmas was P.E.A.C.E. and I am NOT usually one to avoid situations or confrontation but it seemed that for this Christmas to have P.E.A.C.E., avoidance was the way to go. God knows why, I will not question at this time why He does what He does. I will simply obey and move on.

We missed my Hubby's family on Christmas. Don't get me wrong we Love them all dearly and we are sad that we missed them, next year will be different. I pray for this to be true! So, no dwelling on this now and instead moving forward and praying that God will continue to guide and illuminate our path for His Peace and for His purpose!!!!!

Christmas night we went to Ricardo's Aunt's house but unfortunately got there tooooo early and missed all of my Husband's family but we had to make it back to my Mom's house on the other side of town...where I missed my Sister because she too had to be somewhere else on the other side of town....that's life. We are all growing and evolving into our own families, there maybe a year when we miss everyone all together...not saying anything but we have hopes that one day my Husband will be transferred for work purposes to a new place...where we can further grow away from both our families and evolve as a family of soon to be 4! (God will know IF and when this is good.) Ricardo and I pray that this can one day happen. ::sigh:: Moving on. We spent the rest of the night at my Mom's where Santi got to open presents and where Cami got her first Christmas present ever.... it was a great night of feasting, prayer, thought, peace and Love!

Ricardo and I did great and stuck to our "Christmas Budget" we only got Santi 3 gifts, and he ended up sharing them all. But, the Lord is bountiful and He gives in abundance; He has provided our son with so many Loving people in his life, so he did receive other presents from my friends and other family members! {Thank You so much for being soooo amazing and in our lives!} He was amazed by them all, has been enjoying them all and we are simply Blessed to have so many great people in our lives!

We may not be able to repay the gesture now but we Love you and give Thanks for you being in our lives everyday!!! We hope that like us you too enjoyed Christmas and had a VERY Blessed experience!

Here are some pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day:

To be continued.....

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