Friday, January 28, 2011


As you all may know. I am pregnant. 29 weeks to be exact. And well. I love to read and read as much as I can. When I can.

When I was pregnant with my son, I had nothing else to do but read. But it's been 16 months since he arrived and since then I've had to "STOP" reading, my books at least. HA. I read to him all the time....I mean I catch the occasional "Mommy Magazine" as my husband calls them. And a couple of paragraphs during my commute downtime, of books that I opened, 16 months ago!

I am determined to go back to that bookworm me! (Have you played that game on Yahoo...I love it!)

It started this morning at my weekly fetal/maternal monitoring and ultrasound, as I thought about what I needed to remember and recall for my newborn when she arrives; like should she sleep on her back or on her belly and should I talk to her like an adult from day one or can I goo-goo ga-ga for a couple of weeks?

In all I need a refresher.

So, I am in research mode! I want to seek out the top 10 questions that new mommy's have! And then bring them here...

In the mean time..I have to organize my thoughts....not that I haven't been in the bloggy kind of mood just that know that thing that we revolve's in the way man... Ha.

So, I think I need a little Bloooogggg-cation..I need to organize my thoughts and think things out really well for a bit..not too long I promise..but feel free to browse back and catch up on old blog post you may have missed!

I will be back worries...

Newest Belly pic! :D

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Ms. Latina said...

Hello :) New to your blog and bummed I arrived when you are taking a blog-cation!

Congrats on the new addition. You look great, btw!