Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~Praise and Worship Wednesday's~

I haven't done a P&W post in a while....a long while..I think God was working and then all of the sudden said...."Ok, now"....

But, not as you are ready, or now you are done, or now you can go on and tell em' how it is....more like...

"Ok, now....we start over and re-think everything, re-learn everything, re-arrange everything in that bitter little heart of yours back to what and where it should be.... can can have, at last, that much needed peace that you haven't had in a long time!"

God is always in the mood for change. Realistic and sincere change. Not like, today I feel good and not so much.... I mean..change I feel peace and tomorrow my goal is to feel it again!

Just last week I was having a tough day..which I expressed to my GF who later that night texted me..she said she was praying for me and then shared a Bible verse with me. Well part of my Non-New Years Resolution was to pick my Bible back up on a daily basis..until that night, I had not started, SHAME on me, I know! Well, because I told her how I felt, she inspired good Faith in me and God gave me good will. That night regardless of what my son was ripping apart, breaking or tossing across the bed; I grabbed my Bible read her verse and then on to ALL those notes and verses I had previously tabbed....

I realized:

Number one, WOW, I haven't done this kind of deep soul searching or "questioning" of myself in a VERY long time! 
Number Two, WOW, I used to be in SO much pain for the same reason and now that reason is better {My parents}, PRAISE GOD!
Number Three, I want. I want this again. I want to read and be in awe, have an answer and NOT be swayed! I JUST WANT IT ALL AGAIN...AND YOU KNOW WHAT..."HE WANTS IT ALL" as well!!! 

If the video doesn't appear below, click HERE!

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