Monday, March 14, 2011

Seek, Resolve, and Share.

These are my 3 Lent season purposes {SEEK, RESOLVE, AND SHARE}.

As I go through this journey, I can't promise flowers and butterflies but I will say this..I am honest, open and willing.

I accept that for a while now Pride and Stubbornness have been my sidekicks. How petty? Yes. It is.

I am praying though for my hard heart to soften and open up to what the world has to say about me.

I am willing to change...a willingness that only I can bring effort that God will give me grace to matter what that change is!

I am not going to lie. I have been down this road before and failed...I have failed Him. HE HAS NEVER FAILED ME.

Again, I am honest. I want to change. I will be 30 years old this year. How ridiculous is that at 30 I can hold on to such a difficult past and think that I can move forward; whole heartily? I can't. I need to truly let go.

God is with me.

Why am I scared?

Who should I fear?

If He is with me...every step of the could I think that He would let me go?

That His tight hold would loosen? Never.

He has never failed me...even though I have failed Him..many times

Today I realize how Blessed I am and how much I don't deserve it

I don't.

But, still HE manages to show me how MANY more Blessing He can give me!  

And HE and THEY are all AMAZING!

Thank You God for giving me everything this undeserving girl could wish for and then some...


My Faith.
My Husband.
My Son.
My Daughter.
My Mom and Dad.
My Siblings.
My Nephew.
My extended family on both my hubby's side and mine.
My Sisters-in-Christ and amazing Girlfriends.
My Home.
My Job.
My Education.
My life as a whole.

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