Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{30 About Me}

The list they uh'continue!

Ha. Ha.

I hope I am not boring you! Let me know if I really let me know. {Ha.}

{30 Things you should know about me!}

1. I don’t like’s a long story.

2. I love to EAT. {Anything and everything…except MAYO!}

3. I am not a fan of cats.

4. I had 2 birds once, and unknowingly killed them with Clorox fumes…but I said they committed suicide. {Shhhh. Ha.}

5. I have 2 brothers and a sister!

6. I have 6 God-Daughters {Cindy, Lorena, Gloria(Zuri),Melisa, Suzie and Becca} (I keep in touch with all of them or try at least)},  and a God-Son {Alan Yahir}

7. I secretly love to be alone!

8. I talk a lot…NO REALLY…A LOT.

9. I’ve never been to Vegas….

10. I would love to live anywhere other than HOUSTON!

11. I really don’t want to grow up! Ha.

12. I think I AM A TOYS R’ US KID! Ha.

13. I LOVE to stay up late and talk to my Husband about anything and everything…..

14. I love TV but have very little time to watch it.

15. The last Novela I saw was “Mañana es para Siempre

16. I love Christian music but totally dance to Bachata and Salsa while I drive!

17. I haven’t gone out to a “club” in over 2 years!

18. I don’t hate people but I do hate actions. {Some people are so inconsiderate}

19. I am Catholic but I am not perfect!

20. I love taking pictures but need a new camera.

21. I am no longer scared to die. {I used to be. And, other than leaving my family and amazing husband and children behind, the actual thought of longer scares me.}

22. I love MOVIES!

23. I laugh reallllyyy loud..and it used to be louder but when Ricardo and I were dating he told me I laughed really loud and it made him nervous so I stopped laughing loudly because it made me self-conscious. {Darn it.}

24. My favorite animal in the world is the elephant...but I know nothing about them! {Maybe I should learn}

25. I love Butterflies, ever since I was about 13.

26. My favorite color is {PINK}.

27. I haven’t bought new jeans in almost a year!

28. I dream of spending days and nights on an island somewhere far away with my children and hubby….relaxing and forgetting about the “real world”

29. The “Real World” was the first reality show I was addicted to.

30. I am not an addict…just saying…

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