Thursday, June 23, 2011

[30 of FAITH]

This one took me a minute.

I couldn't find my older Bible:

30 Bible Verses that have gotten me through my 30 years (Really more so the last 6 years).....

1. Philippians 4:13

2. Psalm 23

3. Psalm 27

4. 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 {Read at my wedding...}
5. Proverbs 31 { My inspiration}
6. Lucas 1:39-45

7. Matthew 9:29-30
8. Juan 4:43-54
9. Luke 15:11-32
10. Marcos 9:24
11.John 3:16
12.Genesis 18: 1-10 {Gave me hope while trying to have children}
13. Psalm 1
14. Psalm 3
15. Psalm 6: 1-3
16. Psalm 22
17. Psalm 31
18. Salmo 84
19. Psalm 90
20. Psalm 91
21.Psalm 103
22. Psalm 104
23.Psalm 131
24.Psalm 139
25. Psalm 143
26. Psalm 144:4,6,8
27. Psalm 145:8,14
28. Salmo 55:11
29. Matthew 25:31-46
30. Luke 10: 38-42 {Side notes: We worry and do all the wrong things. The one right way is the Lord's way. Don't worry about petty things when he is teaching you LOVE, LIFE and HONESTY.}

I have so many others tagged and so many notes, but they are VERY personal.

During my time with my old Bible, 6 years ago, I was  going through a lot with my parents.

Their marriage was in GREAT despair. Hence my obsession with Psalms {and with having a Faith-filled family of my own}.

Psalms, was my favorite book during this time. 

I pleaded and cried out for help almost every night since I was 13. It wasn't until I was 24 that God came into my life and that He showed me that if I cried out to HIM...nothing was impossible and everything was possible.

At 24 I truly came to Christ and my life has changed very much since then. Not perfect but just right. I've learned many lessons and life has definitely hit me hard, but I have always managed to wear a smile. Not because of me, but because of God. He has guided me and I continue to follow Him closely. Yes, I still making mistakes but learning each day how to be a better me.

A little hint when reading the Bible, that I learned at 24:

You set a time and place a side for you and Jesus to talk. How?

Just like you would with an old friend who you want to catch up with. You find the right location, where no one can bother you and where you can give that friend your undivided attention. You make sure it's comfortable and quiet. You set up a candle that will remind you of the constant flame that Jesus is within your heart. Then you start your conversation by saying; "Jesus, I am here, ONLY for You. To listen and give you my undivided attention. I am yours. Please give me peace and understanding so that Your Word can fill my heart and every empty space in my soul." Then you start reading your favorite verse...BUT slowly. Calmly. Taking in EVERY word. Listening to God. Really capturing His unique message for you. Once you are done reading, you sit. Close your eyes and listen to Him, for Him. His Word will fill your life with that light and that wholeness that NOTHING and NO-ONE else can give you. 

It's an amazing feeling. 

I hope you can relish in this one day.

This is my new Bible, which has started my Momma journey with me: 

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