Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{30 things I make lists for..}

Ok, I have some catching up to do..I didn't know how easy finding these list topics would be and if I could follow through but so good!

{This one reminded me of FAMILY FEUD}

1. Groceries

2. Things To-Do at work

3. Packing for a trip

4. Packing Baby’s Diaper bag

5. Chores to do

6. Friends I have to call

7. Invites to send out

8. Party Planning

9. Emails I have to send

10. Websites I want to look up

11. Places I want to go

12. Blogs I want to write

13. Pictures I want to download

14. Wish lists

15. Upcoming Birthday’s

16. Blog Lists {Ha.}

17. Thank You notes I have to send out

18. Orders I need to complete

19. Appointments that need to be made

20. Renovations I want to do to my house

21. My dreams

22. Books I want to read....

23. My Goals

24. Dinner

25. Things Ricardo’s needs to get done

26. Things I need for the kids for our week

27. Things Ricardo’s mom needs for her house for our kids for the week

28. Crafts I want to do

29. New things I want to try out

30. Finance Matters?

{wow this one was an easy one!}

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