Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[30..Meet and Greet]

As part of my 30 days of 30 lists, today's list will include 30 people who I have met in my 30 years! {I know I have met far more than 30 people and forgive me if I leave you off the list, it doesn't mean you are not me, I know who you are and where you stand in my life, and hope that I am in good standing with you.}

These people have brought not only smiles and love into my life but long lasting memories as well. 

Names are not really in any type of order...

{30 People in 30 Years}

  1. My Husband {My rock, My friend, The person God gave me to share the rest of my days with}
  2. My Sister  {A friend from God, an honest and tough person.}
  3. The Obvious {My Mom} She was the first and will always be....
  4. My Son {No words}
  5. My Daughter {Equally astonishing}
  6. My Dad {Lessons Learned}
  7. My Brother Jesse {Artistic}
  8. My Brother Max {Youth, Funny}
  9. Amelia G. {My Best Friend from H.S. }
  10. Hector {A mentor}
  11. Ivonne B. { Began a journey of Faith with her}
  12. Kim G. {She joined our journey...}
  13. Markie {Taught me strength...with class!}
  14. Lola {A fair and equal Supervisor, who became a great friend}
  15. Twanda {My Diva!}
  16. De'Lana {Sweetness}
  17. Joani { Classmates for a lifetime}
  18. Claudia W. {Cheer and Joy}
  19. My Ruthie Mae {An awesome friend, with lots of Love}
  20. Maria R. {I've met plenty of Maria's BUT none like her!}
  21. Shalimar {Even her name is exotic! Beauty and Brains.}
  22. GabGab {Mi Comadre.... no joke, she really is.}
  23. Isela {Rodeo time and good friend}
  24. Oh.M.Geeeee. CASEYLOVE. {My true Sista' from another Mother}
  25. Just recently Kathy A. {Instant click!}
  26. And another Karen C. {Crafty inspiration and Mommy friend}
  27. Alfredito {My cousin and Older brother...Ha.}
  28. Yoli {Became more than my cousin for years my confidant.}
  29. Annie H. {My private Nurse, Ha.}
  30. Yvonne A. { A blast from the past..with a purpose!}
All of these people come from different walks of life. Each unique and special in their own ways. Each contributing something amazing to my life. Each appreciated and Loved. Each an amazing and equally God sent person to a specific time of my life...

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