Friday, June 10, 2011

The morning ride....

This week was a tough one.

We had only one car. I finally got paid after 10 weeks on one income. We had to be mad crazy creative about our kids everyday care. My Hubby had a follow-up doctor's visit for his Blood Pressure problems. And, this morning my Mom told me that we may have to go to Detroit to visit my Aunt who is ill and was sent to Hospice.

The ride this morning was as it has been the last 5 days; chaotic, unorganized, loud and funny. But, it was also reassurance.

As we approached my Husband's job.

He said this "Connie, we will make it out of this...."rut"."

Little did I know that those words would be the most affirming grace that I would need the rest of the day to remind myself that God is HUGE and my problems are not. Those words are a new breath into my lungs. His words are my life line. His WORD is my salvation.

The morning ride.....

Will be missed.

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