Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grief. {Part I}

Grief is a reaction to a major loss. It is most often an unhappy and painful emotion.
Is it wise to grieve publicly?

I don't know...I will soon find out...

Even when you know...that "the end" is near.... The situation is still difficult. Especially when your hurting family is 1,387 miles away. {Detroit, Michigan}

The pain grows deeper with each thought.

The wounds dig further inside with each attempt to think that life will be okay.

Life is not okay right now. And that's ok.

To feel sad. To be upset. To cry.

It's the future, the Hope, the Faith, and the Love that will allow us to move into a better emotional state, this is what I believe matters. The future.  

In the mean time..I will in fact wallow...in the pain and the hurt because I know it's only temporary...

She is indeed in a better place.. {My Beautiful Tia Lola...Q.D.E.P}

They say her house was filled with people who knew her that night....all there to celebrate who she was and now the Angels up above get the same pleasure of knowing her. {Amen.}

That hurts. But, I know it's just my selfish heart. My Aunt was in pain...only she knew how much..I can not even imagine. I will never know if she was ready. I was a coward not to ask. I was dumb not to speak about it.

Shoulda', coulda', woulda'....time is up. I will never know.


The passing of a family member is never easy.

Expected or not...it's ultimately the most difficult good-bye you will ever have to say. I've said them all too often but it had been a while...and now...it's that time again...and it's so hard.

My eyes are weary and my heart is heavy....


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