Monday, July 18, 2011

Travels with the under TWO group!!!

As you all  know we made a trip to Detroit about 3 weeks ago, to see my Aunt who was very ill. She has since passed. I have learned so many things since but one very well learned lesson was that of flying with a group of 3 children under the age of TWO!

The airport is a community all its own. Filled with experienced travelers, destination thrill seekers, and lots of alcohol drinkers. {Ha.}But, seriously. Why would they  mix alcohol with 2 hour confinements IN THE AIR?  Uhm. Unruly drunk people plus small flying object, never a good combination. There was chaos and restlessness. People's stares filled with judgment. Either thinking "Bless your heart." or "O.M.GEEE."

Despite our efforts to seem experienced and laid back we ended up being... those Mom's with those kids....

Would I do it again? Sure...why not!

Was it a fun experience? Sure...why not!

But my advice, DON'T ever, ever travel by plane, with 3 children under the age of 2, unless absolutely necessary! I will also say this, an airplane is NOT a library, a hotel room, or your office...we all want peace on our trip but understand it's only to a certain extent.....I paid the same $500.00 everyone else paid to board this plane. {I'm just sayin'} 

Judgment and dirty looks...really? We are not the first and we will definitely not be the last....

We definitely lacked some planning on our outgoing flight, that was utter chaos and people definitely did not like us! In our defense we were NOT the only ones with children under TWO and honestly our kids were VERY quiet once they boarded the plane. It was the long layovers that got to them. We were happy to land in Detroit that first night. No matter how late it was, being at my Uncle's house was definitely a lot better than the 3 airports we were in that night...we got to the Houston airport at 4pm and didn't get to Detroit until 1am.

Can you tell?

Travelers had mixed emotions about us...and we had mixed emotions about them...but we made it there and back...and it was a trip I wouldn't change for ANYTHING in the world!

I'm Just Sayin'

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