Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{Summer TO-DO's}

Summer 2011 has been pretty "un-eventful"....I am NOT pregnant for the first Summer in 2 years, HA. I know. Crazy. And, other than us having two very busy children, Ricardo has been in school all Summer and well money has been tight. I am not complaining. Going to the corner store is a challenge these days, and once I get home, I want to stay home!  Can you blame me?

Our Summer has been filled with reading books, working on Santi's speech, watching movies, lots of fun Birthday parties, and lots of visits to "Gran-mA's" house. It's been fun.

Our favorite movie this Summer has been Tangled {It was Shrek last Summer}, I know every line and Santi sings every song! It's lots of fun.... I love it. It's a girly one for sure, but has lots of humor/action for the boys! Santi loves it when "Flynn Rider" gets hit in the face with a frying pan.... {My Husband thinks it's far too unrealistic and reminds me every time that he would have died in real life...ahiii.}

Just last week we got what I am now calling our favorite book of the Summer {Love You Forever}, if you haven't read it... DON'T...unless you want to cry your eyes out! Ha. I never knew children's books would take the place of my 100 {plus} page how to on life books...sitting in my living room balling my eyes out as my almost 2 year old tries to console me...PRICELESS. I kid you not. It's the sweetest most amazing Mommy book EVER. EVER. You must read it if you haven't!

This Summer has also been filled with lots of walks to and thru the park; as well as lots of nights in the swimming pool! Texas is hot and we haven't had rain in like a ga-zillion days! No joke. 

In all our Summer was great but we SO ready for the snow! If we had annual snow in Houston that is....

What was your Summer filled with???

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