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The next Momma Blogger is my younger, more beautiful SISTER! Those of you who know her, know how REAL she is. No tiene pelos en la lengua...she is the ONE person who has been with me the last 27 years and has never left my side. Her raw-ness, no mess kinda personality has gotten me through my worse days and pulled me through more than I thought I could handle. 

She is one tough cookie. I read her post and cried. The thing is...some people will read it and never ever understand that my tears are of pure joy. To see my Sister become an accomplished Momma to Olin, is more than a dream come true for this hopeful Sister and hopeless romantic. 

When I read her post, I thought, maybe I should edit it..and make it Sister is so squishy's ridiculous..but she would never reveal that... and then I thought..if I edit who she is..that's not fair to her or my readers. 

So, yes. She is real. She is raw. AND, by the way...she is MY SISTER. I am MORE than proud of her....

I know that more than one young girl out there will connect with her...

So, here she is...the girl who didn't think she could be a Momma....and is growing every day into an AMAZING ONE!

 {Guest Blogger}

I am a paralegal for the “Texas Hammer.” Question of the day: “is he really the hammer??” Geez, I don’t know. You tell me b/c all I hear all day are complaints from clients who don’t think we’re doing enough to rebuild their broken lives! … Call me harsh, call me rude, call me a B. Sorry but life ain’t easy and if it were meant to be then we’d all be perfect like Jesus! … Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I love my son. I love my sister. I love my mom. I love my family. I love law. And I love me!  

But most of all I LOVE my son!

Weird to hear those words come out of my mouth because here is how my story goes … I was living the “good life” as any accomplished 25 yr old girl does. I had no worries: Paid my own bills, Graduated from UH with a BA in Psychology (which I can do nothing with! But I have a degree!!), and did my own thing partying and concerned only about MYSELF. I had no real desire to live the fairy tale life of finding prince charming, getting married, having kids and living happily ever after. I went on crazy shopping sprees, clubbed, and drank like alcohol was the only thing keeping me alive. I had just moved out of my parents’ house and was living the life. I was the girl who “didn’t like kids.” Not that they aren’t cute and cuddly, but once the crying and fussing began I was more than willing to hand them back to their mommy and daddy and go about my way. So the thought of having my own crying and fussing to deal with was the last thing I wanted.

Then the rain came down on my parade (don’t get me wrong, I make it sound like a horrible tragedy, but keep reading) and at 25 ½ yrs old I took about a million tests hoping to God that I was just drunk beyond belief and seeing things! But no, it was confirmed. I was pregnant. So was he planned?? HECK NO! Not at all, especially when not only was I NOT ready to be a mommy BUT the boyfriend was a 21 yr old, who had been unemployed for mos w/o any hope that he would find a job soon, and I was handling EVERYTHING on my own. To say the least, we FREAKED. Kept it hush for as long as we could after finding out going through all our “options.” But I was nearly ready to pop by the time everything was said and done. So we just threw our hands up and said okay.

I got through the last couple of months of the pregnancy fairly well. All I could do was pray that since I hadn’t had ALL the prenatal care I should’ve, the baby come out perfect. I didn’t show until about mo 7. I weighed 126 lbs at 37 weeks. Cravings, gas, heartburn, nausea, and all of the above were nonexistent to me. So it was nothing like I had expected. TV and movies make it such a DRAMA scene. Nope. I worked up until the before the little man arrived. If I haven’t already totally just made you cringe with the nearly nonexistent pregnancy then you’re gonna wanna run me over after I tell you that all I heard the day of the delivery was, “you make it look so easy.” But no one was in my shoes!! Some of those contractions made me wanna punch someone in the crotch! But I went into the hospital about 10:30 am. Checked in at 11 am, had my epidural at 12 pm, and Olin was in our arms by 5:04 pm on January 29, 2010.

The first year has been a ride. Olin’s made my life so much more interesting and worth living for. His stinky breath in my face at 7 am every morning is something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. He makes my heart whole. I don’t know the first thing about being a Mom, but he’s teaching me as I go. If there’s anyone I will do the IMPOSSIBLE for, it’s him. To see his face light up when he discovers something “new” it fills my heart with joy. Teaching him about the world and watching him explore and learn can’t top anything I thought my life would bring. It’s all about Olin now. And as long as he’s healthy and well, there’s nothing more I need for myself!

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