Saturday, October 8, 2011

Santiago (My ALREADY 2 Yr Old!} ♥

Ahii. Mi Gordo. He just turned 2!!! I can remember finding out I was pregnant in January of 2009 like it was yesterday and here we are today; My Big Boy!!!!

I have decided to write about Santi's Birthday in a letter to him! 

September 16, 2011


It's been 2 whole years since you physically entered our lives; you lived in our hearts for many years before that. You've been the rock that holds us down, the glue that keeps us together and the wheel that helps this little family of four train keep chugging along. You've been the most beautiful little man to enter our lives, EVER! 

I want you to know that you are an amazing Blessing, your an awesome Big Brother, you are the Best Son that God has given us! 

I pray that as the years go by you can learn that Jesus is the one who can transform us from ordinary to extraordinary. That life is not perfect and neither are people but with hard work, TRUTH, and dedication anything is possible. That even though we can struggle at times NOTHING is too difficult to overcome. That your strength comes from God, prayer and keeping in constant contact with our loved ones. I pray that you can grown to be a respectful man of true honor and integrity but that you  know that you can stand up to anyONE no matter what in order to be a fully respectable person! Your Dad and I will be here for you as much as we can but there will be a day when you have to leave our side and become an adult. With that said I pray that we can make your childhood and adolescence an enjoyable time and not a stressful stage. That we can then teach you that as you become an adult you should be independent, self-sufficient, and  considerate. I also pray that God continues to protect you from harm and that you can choose friends who will allow you to grow, build you up and protect you. Know that God is truly good. Learn that although life is not fair, it is what we make of it. 

I also want you to know that your Dad and I, love you, and Cami, more than life. That the sacrifices we make now are for the better of our family in the future. Please don't resent us for working long hours and going to school when we should be cuddling with you on the couch at night. Know that what we do, we don't do for recognition but for the economic stability of our little family.  Our parents came to the U.S. many years ago for us to have a better life than they had and the same way that I hope we are making them proud, I pray that in the future you can be proud of our struggles and accomplishments for the better of our family. 

I know you are only TWO but this is life. These days you spend your time running around and never tiring. Whining but not really crying. Laughing with your heart and soul and enjoying life as every child should. You love to make your sister nervous as you playfully pull her from side to side, don't worry she is a tough don't scare her, she loves when you're silly and is never bothered by your screeching yells! You are ALL boy. The sweat in your eye and boogers on your shirt don't phase you, you thrive on the everyday excitement of learning and living to the fullest. You dance and repeat almost every word we say! You are playful and a joke-ster but  you hate being scared or caught off guard. You know how to push our buttons and that even though we play and have fun there are serious times when you know you are not suppose to do certain things. You are fearless against the chancla and punch your great-grand-ma when she tells you..."ven hijo"..ahii. You love rock music and can dance to just about anything. You love music and for some reason your fascinations are Yo-Gabba-Gabba and the Wiggles. Ahiii. You know Spanish and English and I hope  you keep it that way, trust me, you will thank me later. Te lo juro, es lo mejor para ti, y tu futuro!

Your Dad. He is a strong person of Faith even though he claims to be otherwise. You should respect and look up to him, he is doing a lot for us right now. He loves you more than you will ever know. I am sure that as the years pass his ways will change but for now, he holds you when you cry, he eat your go-gurts, and he loves Rio! He's prayed for you many a nights and he will give his life to see you happy. I hope you can more than appreciate everything that he does and listen to his every words with Faith that he only wants the best for you. Know that you can go to him for anything. He is a great person. Know that when he is serious he is serious but when he is joyful he is amazing! 

Your little sister Camila. She is only 6 months and already you are her world and amazement. She wants to be YOU! She wants to keep up with you and be with you all the time. She laughs when you're silly and cries when you hurt her feelings. Be gentle, protect her and keep her close. She will be all that you have when we are gone. 

I don't want to scare you but I always want to speak to you with the truth. Know that we love you and that we've needed you in our lives always....

Happy 2nd Birthday Santi! 
Tu eres todo para nosotros. Tu eres quien ha llenado nuestras vidas de amor. Y entre tu y tu hermana son todo lo que necesitamos para vivir. 

We love you,


P.S.{You are 32lbs, and 35 inches tall. The day of your 2 yr check up your doctor gave you 4 months to start talking in TWO word phrases. You are still drinking our of your bottle and not potty trained yet. I am giving you time. You are a healthy little boy and love to eat!}

On your second birthday your Grlan'ma' Chelo bought you a cake and we gave you a movie...Madagascar, which you broke in half the following morning... Ahii. 

{Your Momma was working outside the home for Harris County in the Elections Dept and your Daddy was doing an Internship at 32 with Vaughn Construction, he was also taking his last 5 of 6 classes and keeping a tight budget for us to make it through one more semester. You and Cami are being taken care of by your Gran-Ma' Martha, at her home, everyday. I know you give her a hard time but she doesn't mind it at all. Ever.}

You love your Cowboy Hat and boots, you LOVE your rocking horse, you feed it and ride it almost everyday. You love your tent which sits in the middle of the living room and you love s'plite and go-go's. You are great at sharing food but not so much your toys, you'll learn. You love movies and think that if you tap the side of the TV a new movie will start. Everyday you do a different dance and you sing along with all your movies. We can't get enough of all the silly things you do and learn. We laugh everyday and love you more and more as time goes by.....

I am sure I have forgotten many other things that we want to say, that we love about you and that you have learned in these 2 years but know that you are loved. That you love everyone. Smile and kiss every girl you can and hug just about anyone. You love to high five and knuckle love. You say Go'nite and 'sta manana {without the accent, Ha.}.

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