Saturday, October 22, 2011

{Waffles and Oatmeal} ♥

It's the small things. 
It's the simple life. 
It's those moments of Blessing. 
It's positivity. 
It's happiness. 
It's loyalty. 
It's Love.
It's Friendship....
It's focusing on those who sincerely and truly love you.
Forgiving those who have hurt you...
as I pray they have forgiven me....

We move on.. We move forward. 

Our goal as Parents of Dos is to be  AMAZING, STABLE, HAPPY AND THRIVE for these two Beautiful children:

They are our livelihood, they are our family... we can only be here for support of others but THESE two little waffle and oatmeal eating monkey's are the ones that at the end of the day require all of our time, effort, attention, LOVE, support and hugs!

Great Saturday Everyone! 

In Faith. 
In Love.

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