Friday, November 18, 2011

Potty Trauma

So, the topic of choice tonight is POOP. Yea. I said it. Caca. And, also number 1! Ha.

Lil'Man is 2 years and 2 months. Around the time when Cami was born {7 1/2 months ago} everyone started asking me about potty training. Being that I now work over 12 hours a day, outside my home and that my Mother-in-Law who not only watches my TWO crazy little ones but also my Hubby's Grandmother who is a Dialysis patient; it has NOT been handled. I just don't feel like we should be that pushy about it. The kid sees a toilet and has a panic attack...I don't think it's worth the trauma... at least not now.

I know that it would save us a ton on insurance.... no wait... that can't be right....I'm tired... it's late... but saving. On diapers. It would save us some good moola on diapers. But, honestly. Not just cause I am a zombie half the time but cause I really do believe in.... dale tiempo al tiempo. It will come. No one likes to be rushed. We all learn at different paces and we all learn within due time...from life and experience. Santi is TWO, has a good way to go before he can realize that he must go on the potty in order to normally function within social adult settings...but again.. he is TWO! He will one day ask to sit on the potty and just do what is natural to most, poop on the toilet. Too raw? Again it's late. Sleep deprived. Momma of Dos...etc etc. Ha.

What are your thoughts? I don't want to push my son to learn one more thing. He counts to 10, reads to Cami all day, sings the alphabet kinda, can name all his facial features, runs around all day, invests his time in movies, jumps on beds, empties baby powder containers, eats, sleeps and punches his Grandmother when he's wants...I think he has a full day as it is! Why should I push I feel like it will come..and when it does, we will all smile and say..."Great job Lil'Man!" Hugs and kisses will probably be in order and as adults we will be left with thoughts as to why we don't get proper appreciation when we use the potty. No? Ok, maybe not but you get my point.

It is what it will come. He will conquer the day he can poop on the potty and all the universe will be at ease that one more diaper will not go onto some landfill to decompose after a ba-zilliion years...

I know it's probably important for Santi to start potty training but it something that I should be that pushy about, right now?

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