Wednesday, November 16, 2011

~Table 5~

This post must begin with a temper tantrum. Maybe this is where Santi is getting it from. Ahiii. Thankfully my Hubby knows me and remained objective. Ha.

It starts out on a Saturday afternoon. Frustration set in as we were getting ready for a very good friends wedding. I didn't like the way my clothes was fitting me. Let's face it. I've never been, naturally, a size 2. I am about a cupcake and a cherry coke away from a meltdown most days. I am a short and curvy Hispanic Momma. Asi soy, lo acepto!  I've always had to work at being a stable size 10/12 {does that exist?}. The last five years I've fluctuated between tears and struggles from a size10 to a size 16 while pregnant.

This Saturday I was determined. To fight the pain of these forever unforgiving kidney stones and to forget that I am at 165 in a size 14..but forcing myself into a size12. The aches and pains of being a curvy Momma were overcome and I moved forward. In a black pencil skirt, a nice cream blouse and heels.

We made it to the wedding where we were greeted by smiling faces on a dark patio. I thought, THANK GOD! No lighting! I will appear smaller than I really am, HA. Our friends looked amazing and their happiness and family were more than welcoming. Cocktail hour would come to a close and they would summon us to the dinning room. We assumed we'd be sitting at  the "college buddies" table. We waited at the entrance of the reception for our table number and walked in straight past the table that we would have thought to be at, table 8, where all the other "college buddies" were sitting.

Instead our table number, 5, was composed of 3 new couples, none of whom we knew. But, we didn't mind. We awkwardly sat down and took our respective places at the table. Shyly but surly we all started talking, asking how one another knew the happy Mr. & Mrs. Fernandez. As the stories and relationship statuses started pouring out the table became more at ease and the night got started.

Dinner was great and our conversations about marriage, John and Aby {the Mr. & Mrs.}, children, pets, college, technology and careers all seemed to fall right into place. Table 5 had far more in common than we had imagined. Suddenly the table number seemed suitable and age appropriate. Aby {& God} knew the type of company that we needed that night. Grown up company with similar lives. All of the sudden table 5 became our identity and the night had whisked away! Fun, laughter, dancing, singing, Faith, hope, Love and new friendships in the making. It was all worth while.

All I could think was Thank God I didn't give up on that black size 14 pencil skirt and that I decided not to throw a full on tantrum. Otherwise we would have missed out...

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