Friday, November 11, 2011

{Taking back my LIFE!} Semana: 1

This week I made a resolution!

After my reservation for...Pity Party, Table of One, was cancelled... I decided to take back my life. Like any other normal human being, I am going to fight this pain! I REFUSE, to allow it to win and steal my joy! It, IT, doesn't have that kind of power over me! It just doesn't! What was I crazy to think that I could wallow for more than a few days! NO!

This morning, I woke up, took my meds, worked through the pain and got moving...I almost, almost put makeup on! {One day at a time Connie. One day at a time! Ha.} I hate to make light of a painful situation..but it's going to be the only way! The only way! As I got dressed Ric said...are you pain? {Yes.} cause you look like your in pain... {Thank you Captain Obvious! HA. Don't tell him I said that..Ha. He'd be mad! Ha.}

This week my goal is to work through the pain every morning and make progress in what ever needs to be done for the week....

I will update everyone soon... in the mean time...

I am looking for Guest Bloggers; I thought I wanted stories of Thankfulness but I think what I really want is a the form of my previous Thankful Thursday's post. You can be Thankful for one thing or a hundred. I would like about 5 people I will be posting the day of Thanksgiving along with my own Thankful List! 

Let me know if you'd like to join our Thankfulness party! Just email me at:

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