Thursday, January 5, 2012

{Grace} ♥

My husband’s favorite word is virtuous. {"Connie be virtuous", he says} He uses it a lot. Mine is Grace or Favor. Either way, we show our virtue by being graceful. I love talking to my Husband about our Faith, about Faith in general and about what we believe. He always has the best, most direct and open insight. We grew up differently and it’s so true that opposites attract. We are night and day. He has given me new confidence, a better meaning of courage, and definitely a more open EYED view on life! He taught me not to be so gullible and not to believe in everyone or everything they tell me. He taught me to really get to know people before I said how amazing they were! I was young and naive, still some days are not good in that aspect. Oh well. Such is life and we learn.

Well, today I received one of my usual daily inspiration emails from The Daily Love Blog and this was part of the Blog:

“Sometimes our biggest problem is the greatest act of Grace. What seems like horror, terror or really bad luck is the event that we needed in order to heal our wounds, step out into our power and then use our experience, strength and hope to help other people come out of their darkness. Grace can feel like a soft feather and sometimes Grace can be a kick in the teeth (or worse).”

I thought that was so perfectly described. Some days I feel like my grace has been enough and sufficient for others to realize that what I say and do is from my heart and not to hurt. I am what I think and I wear it on my lips… I know not good but it’s true. I talk. A lot. About it all. Hence, the blog. Then there are days when I am so humbled and at times humiliated that I don’t feel like I have done enough to win back truth and reputation. But, guess what? Yep you guessed it…such is life. These things have to happen….for me to grow, to learn and to heal. I realize every day that, I am not perfect, that people are not perfect and that life may never be perfect. What I do know is that I can strive to be a BETTER ME {there is that two letter word again...ME. I think it's the 2012 be a better ME, to worry about ME not so much others... selfish maybe but I think it's necessary at times...}, every day in every way! That’s what I want for 2012!

Yes, it’s only day 5, but I feel a lot MORE confident this year than I did last year…no matter what discoursing words {or gestures; as my Husband learned a couple of nights ago that a shrug of the shoulders can be worth a thousand words…} people send our way, no matter what setbacks or disappointments life may bring…life goes on! AND YES. Such is life, that we must MOVE FORWARD. NO.MATTER.WHAT.EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

I was feeling a little blue over New Year’s Eve, but this New Year has just really allowed me to MOVE on and LIVE MY LIFE; with my Husband and my children. Life is beautiful and worth living. We just have to work at it every day past others and what they may or may not think about you. I am fully inspired to be inspired and inspire this year!

{I know you may be thinking..."Whoa Connie slow 5 and already you are in that change the world mode?" Well it's that kind of a's that kind of a week..I WANT IT TO BE THAT KIND OF A FUTURE FOR MY LITTLE FAMILY! I have the BEST most POSITIVE feeling EVER about TEAM GOMEZ and Oh the places we will go.... ONLY GOD KNOWS!}

I want it.
I need it.
I breath it.
I love it.

Make it a GRACE FILLED day!

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