Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We all know that inspiration sometimes comes from unlikely places, people or situations, except after "c". Or something to that effect...

A fellow Momma Blogger wrote..I ramble on sometimes and make no sense. Don't we all feel that way? Some days we just move, do and go about our day without even thinking that what we write, do or say may just ignite a spark in someone else.{It happens, just like this post was inspired by her comment and my friend Casey's post on FB.}

My de-cluttering phase started last year. In trying to clean out and make room for my second baby. I really think I have made HUGE progress but I feel like I can make more. I need more time and thought. Recently one of my Bestie's {Casey}came over and took some things from my garage, she then said, I inspired {motivated} her to get rid of things.

Here is how I thought about it. While I was cleaning out my garage my friend gave away my Hubby's punching bag, my Hubby was mad and I told him this... If there was a fire I would grab Camila and Santiago and get out of dodge. The house and everything in it could burn down to the ground {knock on wood} as long as the kids were OK, I didn't care about loosing materialistic things. Therefore, if I have already imaginarily {it's a word, I googled it.} lost it in a fire, then I can get rid of it in real life? Right? Yeees. It's so easy to get caught up in sentimental value of objects but I think that as long as my children, Hubby and family are OK, I am OK without things.

Therefore another key word this year is: SIMPLIFY. {Other word was CHANGE! I guess they go hand in hand. Change involves being simple. I think....}

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