Sunday, January 1, 2012


I didn't make any in 2011....
My life changed forever when I had my children. I learned that you take one day at a time. 
And we have. Therefore in 2012 I will be constantly reminded of that. 

I am not perfect. 
I must take it one day at a time. 
I will make it a goal to pray every day for my family and myself. 
I will make it a priority to continue to pray every night with my children and instill faith,values and morals as the days go by and they get older.
I will learn to move on. 
I will learn to let go and truly let God. {Easier said than done.}
I will attempt to write EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. for the sake of keeping clear records for my children and myself.
I will attempt to take MORE pictures of my kids, they will only be this little ONE time... 
I will strive EVERY.SINGLE.DAY to be a better Momma, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend and Family member.
I will make the best of every resource that I have and deal with my current situations one at a time. 
I will not get ahead of myself or make assumptions. 
I will further learn to tame my tongue. 
I will smile EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. God has given me the most AMAZING Blessings aside from Life itself! 
I will exercise and eat healthier, for myself and for my children. 
I will be happier as the days go by. {It's not a difficult task!}
I will pray more for others. 
I will love others more {my pride less}.
I will bring joy and pride to my home and my family! {My Hubby and Children deserve it!}

And, I will add to this list as the days, weeks and months go by! 

 HAPPY 2012 EVERYONE!! Let's make every day count because we count! 

Much Love from Momma of Dos!

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Marcela said...

Happy New Year!

A great list to live by day to day!!

sending positive thoughts for success with your list!