Tuesday, January 10, 2012

::The Student's Wife:: An Identity Project

When I came up with the whole... "yeah, I'm gonna write about my Identity, thing"..it seemed a whole lot easier... Then, I read Vanessa's post and thought, WOW! I was even more inspired about the whole.."YEAH, I'M GONNA WRITE ABOUT MY IDENTITY, THING!"

Then for 2 nights in a row...stuck...like no other....

Then I thought...what makes me, me? What makes me, Ricardo's wife?

My Husband is a student. He is 32 years old and God willing after many, many years of sacrifice he will be graduating this Summer! {Go Coogs!}

When I look at him I see faith, strength, and courage. Night after night of studying, working during the day, coming home to be a Husband and a Daddy. I am not perfect {duh!}.  I gripe. I complain. I go on and on about everything that bugs me, things I want and live for, my passions, my creative peaks, my creative ruts, my wants, my needs, my LOVES{my children}, my friends, my family, my faith, my job..... {and on and on....} Some days he would come home and tell me he wasn't going to make it through the semester and he wasn't going to do school anymore... He was just going to quit.

As a wife...I'd step in and step up. I'd put that thinking cap of encouragement on and snap on my woman of faith cape....I have needed it most {and many of} nights...It's not easy. To see him suffer. To see him doubt. It hurts me. Some nights my tears put me to sleep as I listened to his thoughts in the dark... it's been a ride. Trust me, it's been a ride. TRUST ME.

I have learned to; uplift, pray, support, encourage, some days just let it be, some nights just sit in the still quiet, other nights remind him that he'd come this far..there was no WAY in the world I would let him give up..not for us, not for him and not for anyone. He gets discouraged, people don't see him the way I do. He sees me the way others don't. That's when it hit me...I am THIS, a Student's Wife and he gets that, many don't, many won't..ever.

He struggles with everyday life, work life, family life, school life and still he has accomplished so much and embraced it all. He has overcome. I love it. He has faith. He has prayer. I love him. He is my strength when I am weak, my motivation when I have none... He is himself for  me...

Where does that leave me? As his support, as his friend, as his cheerleader, as his coach, as his personal assistant, as his wife, as his everyday reminder of what we are working towards... of our goals and wants, some days of our basic needs. I am ME for him, I am a Student's Wife, and I love it. Simple. Sincere. Upbeat and upfront. Honest and Loving. Supportive and caring. Trying to make our own little way. Our own little life with our own little mistakes...we learn we grow. I am ME, for him... he is himself for ME.

To my Husband:

You may not know this, but I love being a Student's Wife it keeps me on  my feet and it keeps me alert! I Love you.

{He'll read this one day..he goes through my Blog sometimes..he doesn't admit to it..but he does... }

Being your Wife has given me new confidence, new courage and new strength to move forward. Motivation and encouragement to think BIG, to plan ahead and to be well organized! Thank You for giving me a job to do when you are away... and when you are near... I am your wife... and you are a student!

Love you more than you know,

The Student's Wife

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De Su Mama said...

What a sweet post honoring the dedication you have to your husband and his education! We all need support, and its wonderful to receive it from the people you love most.