Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taking back my LIFE! {Semana: Six!}

About 6 weeks ago I promised myself to push past the pain. Deal with whatever my body was going through and move forward with LIFE!

You see I started reading ALWAYS LOOKING UP by Michael J. Fox and after only a couple of pages I was fully inspired by his pain. Literally. He is amazing. The thought process that he has to go through to get out of BED is just incredible. Will make anyone rethink what they are complaining about...especially ME!

I think I have managed to overcome the pain of my Kidney Stone problem and surgery fairly well. I am feeling almost at 100% these days. I didn't go back to the doctor from the fear of the words "another surgery" coming out of her mouth. So I finished my meds, started natural supplements and just coping with the everyday pain as it slowly faded into the back of my thoughts...

Now, I want more pain free days so I plan to make one more major doctor appointment and start eating better and exercising. I am 30, I need to start sometime. I had done really good throughout my 20's some years are blur others I have pictures to prove I was a size 2! I will never be at a 2 again, not sure that, that's where I want to be. But, I do want to be a healthy person and good size 10! I love being a size 10 it's my ideal size, for now I am a 14 on good days and a 16 on my blah days. I deal. Ha.

Today I plan to read more of my book and see how much more inspiration and motivation I can pile up into my week. The first week of 2012 is looking really good! I love it.

I know I will be fully motivated...THE BIGGEST LOSER STARTS TONIGHT!!! LOVE THAT SHOW! Always sooo full of hope! American Idol starts in a couple weeks tooooo! Other fav!

Hope your first week of 2012 is grand! Make it a good one!

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