Friday, February 17, 2012

{Because I can't wait until the 30th month!} ♥

{I know Santi is still 1 month away from being 2 and a half..but I just have to update on who this little man is becoming... }

Mi Hermoso Bebe Santi {My little Man/Mi Corazon},

You are super duper active and hyper {yes...super duper is allowed when describing a toddler! Ha.}. You love to play, run and cause mischief. You look to reek havoc on your little sister and some days she's right there behind you. You have such a unique personality it's amazing to see you grow into who you are. You take control and don't like to be told what to do, I guess no one does. You are such a happy little person unless you don't sleep enough, then you're Mr. Grumpy like no other, or maybe like your father, Ha. Still such a baby but just enough of a little man to decide that you want pickles and Popsicle for dinner, almost every.single.night. We don't mind it. You eat a lot of healthy food during the day with your Ma-maw anyway.

You love SHREK, again. You also love Kung Fu Panda and Toy Story. You talk to everyone on your cell phones and you say Bye and Hello to all your toys when you leave the house or come back...

You can sing the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars all day and all night. {Although I wish they'd block out the part about  him and the girl and yeah.} But, it's ok, you love the monkey's and the choreography. You are very strong and healthy, you have not been too sick in the last 6 months. But, when you have been, you're such a strong little man and rise above the illness every time. You love the Dinosaur Train and just a couple of  months ago we went to the mall and  you got on the train and yelled at the conductor "allllll'borddd!" {as you cupped your mouth to shout} then you yelled "LET'S GO!" Until the train started moving, then you were happy and so excited.

You love to tell your sister "no, Nena" as you shake your head and pull her away from doing wrong but all the while you go ahead and do what you just told her NOT to do. You have more words than you did a few months ago and complete phrases like "Mom, it's cold!" are easily repeated. There are days when you think  you are saying a lot and really no one knows what you are saying at all. Your imagination just tickles us... we crack up at all the silly antics that you do. Like put diapers on all the toys cause they have "caca". You toast with empty cups filled with toys as you "drink" away. Always offering me and your Daddy some and asking... "Good Mom?", "Good Dad?" Just the other night you sat down at the dinner table with a pile of mail, opened it, look through it, then got up and walked to the trash can to throw it all away. I guess you are just as tired of junk mail as we are.

You have an angry pose, and one night last month, asked me to tie your sister's blanket around your neck so you could fly around the house. Your Elmo and other stuffed animals get dinner and time outs..cause you know they are so bad all the time. Your rocking horse gets as many water refills and you deem needed and when the horse is done drinking water you make sure to tell it that there is no more, by using your hand gesture which we showed you. You having many faces and feelings. You are very lovable and you love to hug and kiss us all! We abso-love it as well!

You are wearing a size 4T to 5T, people can't believe you are 2 years old. You still drink "ti-ti" and sleep with us.

You are very possessive as I assume  most 2 years old are. Your favorite word is "AWE-THOM!" You repeat just about anything we say.....your latest..."MILKA-WHAAAT?!" And, as bad as your tantrums had been they are slowly fading or so part of our everyday, that we don't notice them anymore.

You are very silly, you have a strong character, and you are so lovable. You do have a temper and if you don't get your way you get upset. A lot. We will work on that.

Over all you are more than a wonderful little Man you are a true little Blessing that we absolutely LOVE! I am sure there is so much more missing... it's just so much fun to watch you grow into the littlest man that you have become.

We love you so, SO very VERY much!

Love Always,

Momma {Daddy and Nena too}