Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{Self-Control} with Grace ♥

......the ability to exercise restraint or "control" over one's feelings, emotions, reactions, etc.

When it comes to speaking to others I want to teach my children that it's always best to speak with honesty and clarity to a persons face. It's not about being confrontational but about being open minded and open hearted.

It's always best to let others know how you feel instead of bottling up feelings and emotions, fears and anger. I have always been about speaking to others with truth no matter how painful but remain in faith and love. I allow my emotions to get the best of me sometimes, yes, but I never lie. What's the use in lying, the truth always comes out. Why get caught lying when I can just speak up in the moment. I'd rather be known for being brutally truthful that an awful liar? I think.

Why am I going on about this? Because just recently we had a moment of turmoil in our family. We sat down spoke openly about how we felt about one another,what we thought each one could work on and were just real and raw about our problems and current situation. When it was all said and done, feelings may have been hurt but respect was gained. We now knew where one another stood. Yet, Love was spoken so we knew that what needed to come next was compromise. We told one another that we would give each other time and space and that we would give support in our decisions. Love was gained and respect was felt.

I love having heart to hearts with others, you realize that their fears are just as big as yours and you are reminded how imperfect we all are and how much God can help us learn through one another{s} experiences. I do this with friends and family a like. It never fails..if the relationship is meant to be, it flourishes, if it isn't then God knew why. Being open minded and open hearted is about respect and maturity in our faith and in ourselves.

God has taught me through MANY a failure that sometimes you give people time and space and allow his Grace and Favor to fill in the blanks. Other times you speak up and keep everything out in the open. And other times, you simply remain. Remain in silence and wait on God. Sometimes. That's all it takes. Always standing firm in our beliefs, morals and standards never giving in to the world but instead falling for GRACE and Love. {God's Love and His Grace!}

It's true..when you don't stand for anything you fall for everything... it's about being open minded, open hearted and listening to both sides of the story not just the one that is more convenient to your well being.

I know, the truth hurts. Sometimes more than others. But, we survive...we overcome.

{I wasn't going to post this...seemed too personal... but I just felt like maybe someone had to hear it..and it would some how help them, work through the feelings?}


Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

Really love this!! very true! We had this same discussion back in December, and it was exactly as you described. God calls us to be honest people, but always coming from a place of love. <3

Connie Leon said...

Ahhh Thank You! Glad you liked. It was Jan. for me...a month of Grace. Lots of deep breaths and just really thinking it all through...over and over...until Grace took over. :)