Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Vulnerability} ♥

As a Woman {and now more so as a Momma} I tend to guard my heart, my thoughts, my feelings. Sometimes pretending they don't exist. That's how Super Momma's are suppose to be right? As the oldest child I've learn to be strong, to move on and to carry on. That's how Super Daughter's/Sisters are suppose to be right? As a wife, I've learned to endure and overcome, to forgive and to love no matter what. That's how Super Wives are suppose to be right? As an everyday person I've learned to ignore and conceal. That's how a Super Everyday Person is suppose to be right?


There comes a moment when you look back and think; "Wow, I am so glad I didn't tell that person exactly what I was feeling or what I went through." I think that because we are women and we have so much riding on one person revealing our thoughts, feelings, and past we guard it all, we keep it all to ourselves... find that person. Or maybe a couple of people {aside from your Hubby or Significant other..}that you can trust. That you can be REAL with. I have that. I am Blessed.

It's helps. On those days when your super powers cease to exist and it feel like the world is made of Kryptonite. {Yes. I Love Me some Superman!} Release. Without censorship to a female friend without worrying about judgement, or future gossip is an amazing feeling. That conversation that you didn't think you could share because it was well, too much... but then you shared it and realized...I am not alone. Being a Super Momma is difficult and hey even Superman had backup to help through the really tough situations. God has give me not only a group of amazing Super Hero's in my life but also some pretty awesome sidekicks who help me pull through when I am running out of energy, motivation or faith.

As a Women I think we get so wrapped up in the "drama" that we forget; we are human and have our own personal drama raging within. As my favorite song goes...."there's a battle between good and evil..." I repeat, why is it that as Women who are suppose to be friends, we turn our backs on each other and destroy instead of build-up.

I've learned that drama will come and go. If it lingers it's cause you've got something to handle or confront. When it's gone. It's not missed. At all.

Every relationship a lesson learned. Every situation conquered with God.

Hope your week is going well. Me. I am fighting my own battle and moving on....

Moving on.


Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

This is perfection! Amen to all!

Connie Leon said...

It came from our mini email convo the other you. :) DRAMA FREE BABY... DRAMA FREE! LMBO!!! :)