Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{On relationships....}

A healthy relationship begins with a healthy individual. I think.

There are times when one must seek true alone time and think about who we are, what we want and where we will go...in order to understand where we want to go as an individual. So, I imagine that in order to be in a relationship with the opposite sex or a friendship, far more seeking is required...even as time goes by.

I tend to escape from the real world and into my heart {with God}; often. My friends know. If they don't hear from me for a while, it's cause God is busy. I like to know where I want my friendships to go. As for my Marriage, that's a whole other post, which I attended a conference for recently, I love that relationship and the places that God has taken us.

I am writing about this as a reflection of where the last year and even the last 5 months have taken my relationships. New trust. New faith. New Hope. New friends. New friendships. Old friendships in a new light and in a new form of love and respect. Just perspective being gained and light being shed. Truth being told and upheld.

Friendship is about healthy boundaries being constantly built. New relationships growing in foundation and strengthening in life. You look to these people for support and to build you up. You seek their approval and gain their trust. It's important to be a strong and healthy minded individual, conscious and individually growing in order to form life long lasting friendships that you can learn from.

For years I prayed for Godly women to enter my life. These days I can honestly say that these Women are all a part of my life on a daily basis in different ways. I am Blessed.

Friends are awesome!

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