Saturday, June 2, 2012

{Shame on Me}

I know. Momma where have you been? Well let me tell you. May started off amazing, went into a whirlwind of events and ended with an Election! Yes. Between my Husband graduating, work and everything else...I got lost. So lost, I CAN'T BELIEVE it's JUNE!

I will be back in commission for a few weeks then gone again for a few days! My job keeps me extra busy these days. I complain but I love the work....rather than not!

I turn 31 this month.... let me tell you I turned 30 last year and I thought this is a breeze, why freak out? Well buddy, about 6 months ago it hit me... you know that "mid-life" episode of I am how old, I look like what, and I still haven't accomplished THAT! Yes, this Momma has been a mess...Thankfully I have an amazing Husband who is very supportive and what ever it has taken he has been there to help resolve my mid-life meltdown. Then I got so busy with Cami's first birthday fiesta, with his graduation and work that I have been feeling a whole lot better about what the future may or may not bring! Life is good. My house looks horrible..but life is good, HA!

June will be filled with some pretty fun things as well:

My Birthday
Santi will start daycare/school
We want to make-over a couple of rooms in the house
We want to go to San Antonio with the kids
I want to take a cute set of picture of Cami in an outfit I intend to make {HA!}
One of my good friends Casey Love will have her baby shower and then her baby Bella
Father's DAY
And just so much more....

So, lets gets started ya'll June is waiting!!!

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Jazmin B. said...

Everyone has been MIA this couple of weeks. I feel Life has been extra busy these couple of weeks if that even makes sense. HA!

Exited to see your upcoming projects, you are such an inspiration :). Have A Good Day Amiga!