Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{18 Month Breakdown} Or Meltdown. Ha.

So, My CamBamWham {or "My Nena" as her brother calls her} is 18 Months!

And, trust me she is everything and then some in our lives.

Sweetness and oh so very sassy this little piece of heaven of mine!

Let me tell'ju! Esta Señorita...es toda una Señorita... like uhm 2 going on 18.

She needs her p'urse..with a pouty lip at the end to do everything. She is oh so very emotional and drama...she get it from her Momma! Ha.

She is just walking, talking perfection. She is tough trust me! Took an almost 3 foot tumble off a table this month...and while in the ER she took over her own check up! I am sure the Doctor's thought I was bluffing. None the less she is tough..I am Blessed and God has given me so much more than I deserve. Ever.

Everyday she looks more and more like a Mini-Me. I can't wait to see her grow and really look like me! Just sayin'the boy is all Daddy someone has got to look like me!

She walks the walk and talks the talk..she is learning to pray and wants to do everything that her Big Brother 'Pantiago  does! She is a Daddy's little girl and his heart melts at her little chirps of..."I wanna...."

She has attitude and will not hesitate at rolling those two gorgeously HUGE brown  eyes of hers. Those long legs...yep still growing! She loves HUGS. Even though her brother MUST...he does. She has stinky feet and straight straight hair..oyi. The hair. Ha.

She is a giggle box...a fake one at that. She dances to Moves like Jagger and eats everything in site. She doesn't mind to fart and be silly. It's in her nature. She is smart and happy. I love her to pieces and my life wouldn't be complete without her.


You are without a doubt the missing puzzle that completes this family. We love you more than words will ever know. I pray that as you grow I can protect you and keep you safe. I pray that God will give you health and love everyday. You are silly when ever you get a chance, you love to explore and learn new things, you learn them quick and move fast. You follow your brother and Daddy most every where. You are a little monkey and hang off of Momma all day long.... You love that 'pon {Binkie}. You wear a size 4 diaper and your clothes are all size 2T for length... you are skinny and tall and you love to sing and dance. I pray that your joyful spirit never goes away and that it only grows to shine the light that God has given you. You have a soft heart and are easily hurt...I pray that you can be stronger stronger as you grow. I love you and we are so Blessed that you are in our lives. Your Daddy, 'Pantiago and I wish you so much more than you will ever know... and even though you and your brother fight..he loves you so much..you are his Nena and our little Angel!

Happy 18 months. We love you.


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