Sunday, November 11, 2012

{Evil} & Prayer

I like to think that my Blog is a happy and positive space where I can be Happy and Positive.

But, life is not so.

In general, I know what being Blessed and praying entails.

But, truth is.

I also know the opposite of that and it's not a happy or perfect place. I embrace life and all that comes with it. I have lived through the worse of my days,most people wouldn't even imagine it. Trust me, I don't live a fairytale life and darkness has lived in my heart....

I didn't get swept away by a knight in shinning armour into a "Happily Ever After" like zone... I was loved and cared for by my Husband who after 14 years has NEVER left my this day we fight the battle together, with the help of God, never alone. We have come to be in this place, we were not born into peace and faith, we have learned to live this way... it's a place where we both find happiness and joy. A place where positivity reigns and life is abundant.

We have lived through some dark days... but we will overcome and Jesus will take us to that place... I am reminded of this awesome lyric from one of my favorite songs: "Then you look at this prisoner and say to me "son stop fighting a fight that's already been won""

The following is the first ever contribution from my Hubby to my Blog:

"Evil lurks and we stand near it. 
If faith is strong we shouldn't fear it. 
And, for those who choose to walk the devils path. 
They will answer & suffer God's wrath."

I personally Love it. 
But, it does come from my knight in shining armour. Husband and partner in I have nothing ill to say... ever. 

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