Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{On Potty Training}

Seriously. As an adult. As a Blogger. I often struggle with stopping what I am doing and render to nature calling. Ha. It's true. When I get into something I don't want to stop typing, thinking, reading or doing.

Then I think of my 3 year old son. He is 3. He is technically still a baby. To me at least. I know that there are milestones that he must reach in order to function in society and that once those milestones are reached it's a pretty good indication of self-control, growth and they come with an increased sense of self and confidence. But, in all honesty. My Santi is an amazing little boy. I don't ever want to rush him into growing up so fast.

Trust me, I am not going to forever hold him in my arms and cradle him to sleep, shoot he was too big for that at 8 months much less at 3 years old. I say...dale tiempo al tiempo. He will and has reached all his important milestones...a su tiempo. It took me years to get pregnant and at 31, I am not sure that I will be able to have more children so there is no need for me to rush the ones I have out of being babies into more of little adult, than they already are... I think.

Now my son doesn't just walk around peeing and pooping everywhere. He does an awesome job at daycare with his potty breaks and at home too. Sometimes he forgets and stops in the middle of a task and just doesn't make it to the potty or simply...doesn't want to. Trust me, it's not like we totally let it go. We are not that out of range. We do let him know that he should let us know when he has to go so we can help him and that he should go to the potty and not in his pants but we do give him a break and he does wear pull-ups, more times than not while at home.

Am I a horrible Momma for not pushing him as much as I "should"? Or as much as I feel other Momma's push their kids?

I mean trust me. When he becomes a freshman in High School he will start filling out college applications and decide to take his SAT early so that he can qualify for scholarships and internships. Then, I feel that pushing will be in order. For now I want him to enjoy playing with his toys and watching his favorite movies.

By the way . I feel the same about him still drinking his milk from a bottle, only when he is ready for bed. And, about my Cami being 19 months and still having a binkie {or paci} yup.  ::gasp:: I know. I am awful.

My Mother tells the story about how I used to come home from pre-school to drink my bottle while my Sister who was 2 had already left hers. And, I graduate the top of my High School class, with Honors, was accepted to 3 major colleges and received scholarships to 2 schools. I then graduated college and have always been very hard working and dedicated in my jobs. I have always been very independent and had my first job as a junior in High School to help my parents pay bills. I got married and had my children well into my 20's and my parents didn't push me as a baby but as a young adult they sure did.

All, I am saying is that it's a lot of work to grow up and out of your baby habits and can be pretty tough for a 3 year old to take it all in and make it all work out in his favor...heck as a 31 year old Momma I still have trouble making it all work!

I know this may sound a bit like a rant but they are my true feelings.


Unknown said...

I don't know much about potty training but I assume it isn't easy, especially for boys lol My mom took my binkie away when I was about 16mths and I was potty trained at 2..or so she says. I always hear that the earlier the better but never really questioned it. Then again, I don't have kids lol

I think as a momma, it's your job to do what YOU think is best for your kids. Period.

Unknown said...

I agree .. Don't rush them! Tre had his nuknuk until he was about to start pre k. Thats the problem with alot of parents they rush their kids to grow up. I say let them enjoy it while they can!

Connie Leon said...

Ahhh Thank You Ladies for your support!!!! Love it. Ariana... you are the cutest! And Jen, Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

Don't stress about what other people say, or do. Do what's good for your family.

At the end of the day, it's not going to matter when they were fully trained to potty, let go of their Binkies or any of that. All that will matter is how you loved them and what you instilled in them.

Let them take their time, and express themselves at their own rate.

Connie Leon said...

Thank You Melissa!!! :D Sometimes we just need to hear that we are doing the right thing...being a Momma doesn't come easy to me..I constantly doubt myself but knowing that I am not alone makes me feel better. Thanks!