Friday, November 30, 2012

{RenFest} Tradiciones

Source: RenFest Website/Logos

Every year we try to attend the Texas Renissance Festival in Todd Mission, Texas, it's about 45 minutes to an hour away from where we live in Houston and it turns into an all day adventure! 

This year we went as a big group; my parents, my Hubby's Sis, Hubby's Brother and Hubby's Mom and my Sis and her son, as well as us and our kids! It was fun. A bit overwhelming at times as there is SO much to do, see and EAT!

Every year I think we get a little better at visiting all the kid friendly areas eating in the same spots and attempting to take it all in!

It's a magical place filled with so many characters it's easy to get drawn into all the fun and activities!

I think it's a nice yearly tradition that we can look back on once the kids are older. I used to go as a child and it's definitely something the entire family can enjoy! If you want to see all the shows and try all the food I suggest you go early and leave after the fireworks! This year we didn't stay until the end, it was too cold, and the kids were tired! But, we had a lot of fun and everyone had a great time!!!

Building lasting traditions is very important to me. I always think back at all the things we used to do as kids with my parents and appreciate that my parents took the time to invest in us in a happy and lasting way! Not just that, no matter how bad things get we always have the good, happy moments that we spent as a family; laughing, sharing hugs and loving one another. 

Warning the post has a picture OVERLOAD!


{THERE ARE MORE PICTURES.....But, some how I ran out of space to post them on Blogger.... so you can click ::HERE:: to see the rest!!! A little upset but will be working on it this weekend!!!!}

Hope you have a great weekend!!! 


Unknown said...

I love the renaissance fair!!! I am so jelly It looks like the whole family had an amazing time

Mama Harris said...

So fun! Great photos!