Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Beliefs and Curanderas..... #maldeojo

{Disclaimer: Yes, I am Catholic. While I am Catholic I don't have a limited or closed minded view about religion, faith and seeking God in your own manner and beliefs. I would NEVER attempt to make others think, believe or pray the way I do. So, please be kind with your thoughts and words. I believe in Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit as well as the, the Virgin Mary & the Virgen de Guadalupe and all the Saints.}

I am not usually a "disclaimer" type of person. I am who I am, my faith is my own and I really don't believe in making others convert or thinking like me ever. We are all entitled to our own feelings, thoughts and beliefs.


With that said.

The other day I caught myself trying to "sweep" my son with an egg, you know how the Curanderas do or in my case my Momma does. My Son was not in the mood for anything and he had maybe the worse freak out moment while I was attempting to bathe him. I asked him if he was OK, I checked him to see if he was hurt and moments after the episode and without knowing what to think I started to pray with fervor over my son.

I usually pray with or over my children before bed or in the morning but this day, it was a different kind of prayer and I had no idea how or what but I felt like I needed to take action. Trust me it wasn't anything medical because I know my son and he was fine. Had I felt that he had to go to the Hospital I would have taken him. I am a fairly new Momma but I know my children well and I tend to trust my instincts pretty well.

I then thought of finding him an amuleto, in particular the ojo de venado bracelet to protect him from el mal de ojo and  evil spirits. Was I going over board or just being a Momma and thinking of everything I can do for my child? I don't know but he has not had an episode since and I have been lighting my candles and praying over my home every night. It brings me peace. As prayer usually does.

My Momma usually likes to bathe them and then pray over them with the gives her peace of mind... I don't mind it and as long as what we do is pray...I never see anything wrong with it. Am I weird? Maybe. Am I Mexican? For sure.

How about you? Your Momma or Abuelita ever try to do any special ritual for you or your kids?   


Unknown said...

I love your disclaimer. We're the same way even though Hubby and I have 2 diff. cultures - we have similar beliefs aka the egg haha

Unknown said...

I love this post!!!! I am also catholic and my nana was a curandera so I am use to seeing kids get prayed with an egg. I think it's part of our culture. I was raised to always think about what you can do at home first I have that instinct too. I am glad your son is better. My kids suffered from "la mollera caida" my husband isn't a fan I think most times he thinks my belifs are crazy.

Unknown said...

My grandma used to be really into the curandera scene. People used to come to her from all over the place in Mexico. Bless her heart, she passed away in 2004. She used to use the egg thing all the time. So this post made me smile.

I think whatever brings your home peace, cannot be a bad thing. :)

Thank you for sharing. :)

SImply Madre T said...

Love this one Connie, it brings back so many wonderful memories of my grandmother.. It's crazy because not too long ago we performed the "egg" ritual because I was all out of ideas and the Dr.'s could not explain what was going on. I seriously needed some "enlightenment" and then there it was a picture of my grandmother...and the mal del ojo .or the "evil eye" came to mind. I didn't know the prayer or what they said so I prayed the "Our father many times"...Low and behold it was gone the next day and when we cracked the egg in the cup it had two eyes...scary... But I think more than anything it worked because of the "Faith" we have. It is a Mexican thing but it's also just something that works unbelievably. 4 years later that I do not have my abuelita I really wished I would have listen more because we are so in to the holistic herbal healing practice "cuandera" thing now...because as a child I can hardly remember a time where we needed to go to the Dr. and what concerns me the most is all the new medication that is prescribed for everything. All I know that whether it true or not, I love this "faith" of our culture!

Unknown said...

Great post! I think that everyone should be proud of their beliefs and talk about them as long as they're not pushing it on anyone.

In my family/culture we believe in something similar but it's not called maldeojo, just ojo. My mom or aunt normally do it and they just pray w or w/out the rosario for whoever might be feeling ill. We don't use an egg..or atleast I never saw them Lol! But it's basically the same thing. Hope your son is feeling better! :]