Friday, December 21, 2012

{Friday Letters} Week Dos ♥


{I made my own Friday Letters Icon!}

Dear Week,
Where the heck did you go?? No really it was Monday yesterday and today everyones all "the world is ending!" Dude, what'd you do to us?!
See ya'maybe....

Dear Friday Letter,
I wrote you down  on paper, even if Ariana laughs at me, reason being.... my kids were on the computer and I needed to write my letters! And, guess what?? Week 2 of remembering to write you so, yay me! 
See ya soon!

Dear Hubby,
You went out last night. I don't say this much but you deserve a break from Major Crazy and her 2 Cadets Chaos and Mini-Drama. And, I don't say this enough, THANK YOU because you not only work hard every day to provide for us but you do it with love and without complaint. I love you. Also, Thank you for letting me have my own mini-break this week and letting me have dinner with my Momma friends as well.
Te amo.

Dear YouTube,
Some days you're a life saver, others your a bad choice of unrelated clips with little description as to what the next 10 minutes will entail or end in! Must remind myself to give you different settings....because my kids are learning to use this computer and yea, it's kinda crazy what they can get into... i.e. going from Angry Bird cartoons to 2 girls dancing "hit me baby one time"?? Wow. Never again. At least it was PG and you got Santi's attention for a whole 5 minutes...

Dear Santi,
This week you did an amazing job at yet another school program performance. This time we all were there to witness it; Your Daddy, Cami, Gran-Ma Chelo, Tio David and good friend Elizabeth. We all sat in the audience watching you with joy, cheering you on, your biggest fan like always...Cami...she loved seeing you sing and jingle those bells with all your might. You are amazing. We love you and I think you are a star in the making or at least a really cute boy who comes out in school programs!! After it was all said and done, you cried because we all had to leave and you stayed behind..but I didn't want you to miss your first school Christmas party! 
We love you my beautiful little man more than words can describe,
Yo Momma 

Dear Cami,
This week you made us laugh as you farted on command, you made us all sit on the edge of seats as you walked on the edge of yours, and you made me sad because you were sick.{Fever and vomit.} Through it all you have no fear. You are strong and your are silly just like your Daddy cause everyone knows Momma's don't fart. I pray that God gives you never ending fearless strength and health. That God protects your silly heart so that you can be a woman of marvelous faith and live a joyous life!
We love you my sweet baby more than words can describe,
Yo  Momma

Dear God,
Today marks a week since the most horrible incident in Newton, CT. I pray that you bring comfort and peace to all the aching Momma and Daddy hearts and to all those families mourning the loss of an Angel in their lives. May your love heal their pain and restore their faith in humanity and in sense of security, because I know mine has been shattered and only prayer can bring it back. In Jesus Name.


Sabz said...

love the new icon for the letters! your letters are awesome, glad you're doing them now too!! <3

Mama Harris said...

Love your letters <3

Jazmin B. said...

These are Awesome Connie! I'm happy for you. Love reading your blog :)

Unknown said...

Love!!! I love seeing these weekly reflections High-Five to your hubs for holding it down its nice to feel appreciated and I am sure he feels so. Youtube can be the devil lol I have been caught up on vlogmas check it out at your own risk theres a good 5 youtubers i follow that are doing it!

Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

Awww love it!!

Unknown said...

Farting on command. Too funny! lol

THank you for sharing. :)