Friday, January 25, 2013

A Little Lost....

Hello World. It's me... a little lost. 

Is it just me or don't you feel lost when you don't have your own things.... like your cold pillow on a hot afternoon... or your warm blanket on a winter night... it's how I feel without my computer. That computer has  been my partner through many sleepless, restless nights and then through many awesome joyous moments. It's my friend. Yes, it's from like 2005 or something.. but it holds everything. My whole life, or my last 7 years. It's true what they say. You never know what you have until it's gone. 

Then I think...I am attached to a machine? A computer? But, I am. I truly am. If it's all gone. What will I do? If it's not will I do better at taking care of it all?

In the mean time, I type from one of my worse nightmares a laptop. I am not a fan. I know, how is it possible that a "tech/social media guru" doesn't like laptops? But, it's true. I understand the convenience of it. Trust me on many days the past few weeks I have been tempted to sit in bed while my children sleep and just type. But, to me there is something so "authentic" about sitting at a desk with your desktop computer in a spot that inspires you with all those things that motivate you sitting or running wild around you.

These days when my writers itch hits I feel weird running to a laptop that isn't mine to type it write it all down.. oh cause did I mention, I borrowed the laptop from a very awesome Cousin {in law}. It just doesn't seem right, like I am cheating on my desktop. Too personal. Ha. Just a thought I guess.

It's Friday and I haven't been very uhm in the mood for my Friday Letters...  we shall see. I have a very busy weekend and week ahead of me. Hoping to hear about my computer soon...good more than bad..but either way. I am waiting. Patiently.

What about you? Do laptops inspire you?

Have a great weekend ya'll!!!!


Larissa T. said...

I love my laptop .. I've become quite attached to it too.. So I can sympathize.. Hope it gets back soon! (:

Connie Leon said...

Thank you Larissa and guess's been about a month and I still have not gotten it back but I hear it will be soon! LOL! THANKS FOR READING!! :)