Thursday, January 3, 2013

{Hola 2013} ♥

It's 2013 YA'LL! { I totally just typed 2012... it's going to take some time... I guess.}

I am so happy to be here!!! I am feeling  hopeful NO matter what my days bring I will always be hopeful everyday, thankful about it all and learning from what I do on a daily basis. I will also be seeking A LOT more than before where God wants me to be and where He is leading me and WHO He wants me to become! Be more outspoken He is saying. Be MORE bold in what you believe! And, HAVE NO FEAR. {and it's only day 3 of 2013!!!} Awesome I know!!!!

For now I want to say that the Holiday's have been rough... again when it's time I will tell everyone about it but for now we are thankful for the prayers and constant support. Thank you friends and family.

Also, I got a new toy and am super anxious to share my results with you! But, I am working out all the kinks and getting to know my new camera better.

Like many, I am not going to set any "New Year Resolutions" I have a set of goals that I am working on and one is not only to be a better writing but also a more recognized Blogger and I am working on networking and oh yes, the writing. I know, I have really let my writing go. I used to be so witty and sarcastic ::hahaha:: and these days I hesitate but I know it will come as the year goes on. Like most Momma's, I want to grow as a Momma, learn and move on and past my Momma flaws!

I have been home with my kids for almost 3 months now...and being a Stay-@-Home-Momma has really made me realize that my career goals needed to change as well. I want to be not only an assistant-provider in my home but also a successful Hispanic career woman example for my kids, not sure yet if that means moving and pushing my Blog more or seeking a job outside the home so for now one of my on-going goals is to find a job and push my Blog forward! I have so many wonderful Momma inspirations to follow most of whom I met at my very first Blogger Conference last year in October! So, MOVING FORWARD!

SO, much excitement! Tomorrow, I will share one of my most recent Blog/Facebook fan page goals which was to partner up with Local Shops and promote their business and help them reach their goals! My first shop partnership was awesome and I helped Liz get to 250 fans! Now I am on the move to help Stacey get to 500 fans, ambitious much? Hey, it's 2013 ya'll!!! No other way to be....

Here is my FACEBOOK page! Hope you check it out all my current promotions are posted here!!! 

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Unknown said...

very excited for you! The new year is going to bring you much success and its gonna be one of the hardest things you've had to balance. I felt overwhelmed when I left my job and decided to stay home but i amso happy i did. Since then my goals and dreams have changed drastically and i wouldnt trade it for anything!