Thursday, January 10, 2013

{Rain & Motivation}

I don't know about you. But, rain, is my kryptonite! 

For days, it's been raining here in Houston. It makes me feel, NOT so great. Literally. It consumes me. Inside and out. For days my kids have been going crazy with indoor activities or lack there of. In return. I want to pull all my hair out. Maybe not all but most of it. My poor kids and yes, THIS poor Momma! Ha.

Then late last night as I attempted to release some frustration and negative energy by exercising. My little Man joined me. His energy is incomparable, even at 11:30pm. He was full of energy and asked to do the "yu-ga" routine AGAIN. He would say "Mom I like it that one, dancing!" and he gave me plenty of water breaks and commended me on a "good zch-oab!" He was an awesome, awesome, AHHHH-SU-M motivator.

Then this morning. Life. I love it. The sun {ahhhhh, the heavens opened up and the angels sang}, it came down slowly onto my computer screen through my sliding glass door and all I could think was "let's get this party started!" It was awesome. A new energy. Some new hope. Some new deals and offers. It was great!

Not sure what motivates you but this year; last night will be my Motivating memory and moment of the year! Every time I feel down I will go back to last night and my little man saying, "yes Mom, good zch-oab"!

Rain. You ain't  got nothin'on me! {Ok, you do... so go away!}

I did a LOT of pinning while it rained... check me out here ::CONNIE'S AWESOME PINTREST BOARDS:: I think I earned my Pinning Wings the last 2 days! Just sayin'....

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Maribel said...

Followed all of your pinterest boards! Its one of my rainy day time fillers too: