Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{February} #BLOGLUV


I know that I say this often. But, it's true. Blogging has not only opened new doors and opportunities for me but also created long lasting and outstanding friendships.

When I first started Blogging my Hubby didn't believe that I had met local Bloggers with extraordinary stories or that I knew a Blogger from Hawaii who I talk to on a daily basis about everyday things.

I think we have always regarded "the internet" as a bad place to meet the wrong people but Blogging has helped me meet some pretty amazing women who not only have the same goals as me but who are also eager and excited to share their stories and open up their hearts! And, some have been ever so great to share their pointers and guide a "new" Blogger like myself!

With Valentine's Day around the corner a group of us got together and organized by our friends Xenia of Raised by Culture  and Ruby of G.U.B., we participated in a Valentine's Day Exchange! #BLOGLUV It helped us learn more about our friends who literally live all over the U.S.. My exchange package came from New Jersey all the way to Texas. I was so excited just to see our mail carrier come to the door with it!

The best surprise was that my Valentine was RUBY from G.U.B.! From the day I met Ruby something just clicked! {I know I sound like a total stalker!} But seriously... if you EVER get the chance to meet Ruby you know...it's an instant cheerful smile with a genuine shine and brightness about it and then it's her welcoming hugs and her ever so graceful ability to speak to the world with her purpose and goals, you can see them happening before your eyes! Her awesome-ness makes you feel like you belong. It was so important to me because I felt so undeserving and out of place at my first ever Bloggers Conference last year here in Houston but Ruby took me and a fellow local Blogger under her wing and didn't hesitate at all to clue us in on the specifics and Blogger Conference 101!

Thank you again Ruby, you have no idea what it has all meant to me! 

Again, my Hubby didn't believe that I knew a Blogger from Jersey much less a well known Blogger! But, it's true my Amiga Ruby has been a great friend to me!

And, my Valentine's Day gift was perfect, THANK YOU RUBY! You made my day, once more!!! I know we told each other what we wanted but it was so great to get a little something for myself on such a gloomy day here in Houston...it's been raining all weekend...

Here is what was inside my package:

Feb 2013 Pics Connie 442

Feb 2013 Pics Connie 436

By the way, I got a new "fancy" camera for Christmas and I am still learning to use it. But, I love it. Hope you enjoyed this gift exchange as much as I did!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone from Momma of Dos to your loved ones!!!!

Now off to enjoy some tea in my new cup!!!!! FROM NEW JERSEY!!!! Mmmhmmm!



Unknown said...

Yay!!! So glad it made it safely!!! I am happy you loved it. I received mine too but I haven't been able to go pick it up. I will do so today thank you!!! Big hugs!

Unknown said...

So awesome looks like some great stuff in there :)

Unknown said...

Awww this totally made me smile! So much fun to get something in the mail. Thanks for sharing :)

Maribel L. said...

Happy valentine's day Connie! Hoping we get the chance to meet in real life as I've enjoyed reading your blog via #BlogLuv!

Unknown said...

Woooo!! Ruby hooked it up!!

Independentmami said...

How fun! I participated in something like this a couple of years back for Christmas, I think? But it is fun and your package had some great goodies in there.

Connie Leon said...

Thank you everyone!!! I am a huge fan of Ruby soooo this was sooo much fun for me!!!! :)