Monday, March 25, 2013

{2 years of Cami} Letters to my Daughter...

{Dear, Camila Isabel}


You go by many nicknames but you are simply my precious gift. I love you. As you turn 2 my heart skips a beat just like the day we met. Your heart melted into mine and our lives forever linked. No matter how old you and I grow, life is our canvass and your smile paints it of sunshine and pure love.

You are my ever growing skinny long leg beauty. So, sweet and wild. So, beautiful and so smart! You are indeed a silly Daddy's girl and a super girly Momma's baby. You have an spunky little attitude and won't take "no" for an answer. You have a million and ONE questions daily and you talk to everyone about anything. You can literally talk up a storm and the silence is your playground.

You are very interested in; who everyone is, what everyone is doing and what everything is, oh yes, and "how it work?". You are our little P.I., always seeking and always smiling. You love to hug your Brother 'Tavo, who some days doesn't give you the time of day.. you are patient, he is a boy. You also stand your ground with him and fight back now... only later to give up and follow his direction. He loves you. You are his Sis'der.

We hug you and kiss you, and you say.. "Dat'nasty?" but still you are loved and cared for. We give you what you want and when we lay down the law you get overly dramatic, lots. 

You love make up and play with dolls but you are also a little tomboy and can run and play with your Brother all day long. You love to go outside. Your favorite food is bananas. Your favorite snacks are anything with "pica on it". You love spicy food and you can eat just about anything no matter how spicy. You are tough but a soft and gentle baby. We love you.

Two years ago today you came into our lives as a Beautiful Blessing. Today, you run our home and stole our hearts. You and I share a love for your "Ta-ddy" and your brother "Tavo". You are girlier than me; you know how to put make-up on better than me and I am sure you own more shoes than me! You are heartfelt and passionate about singing with your Daddy, you sing all his favorites and you are not shy! You love us as much as we love you...You are my Princess!! 

Life would not be the same without you and we love you more than words can describe. Yesterday, today and always! 

Happy Birthday My LOVE!!!! 

Love Always, 
Your Momma 


Elissa L. said...

what a sweet post!

Dã Quỳ said...

So sweet!!!

Happy 2nd birthday again, Cami!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday CAMI que hermosa!