Friday, April 12, 2013

{Friday Letters} 2013


{Why Hello there Friday}
I am so happy to see you!!! Please stay a while... haha. This has been a long week. Taking it one day at a time!

{Dear Kids}
This week we had fun, we had a pool outing and several visitors! It was fun! We didn't learn much this week but we always have next week....
Love you both!

{Dear Santiago} 
You are an amazing little man, you seem to understand more and more that I need you around and that you are a HUGE help! Thank you for being such a great Big Brother and such a fun little man! You are so smart and observant always anticipating what we need... you are such a beautiful son.
Love you more than words can express....

{Dear Camila}
You are so super girly, your ways are too cute and your beauty is beyond anything that I have ever seen. You are my little baby and beautiful angel that God has given me. Oh yes and you are one smart little Momma... you catch on to everything...and you talk more than me! I love you so much.

{Dear Hubby} 
You are such a hard worker and your constant support and love is so important to me. Thank you for worrying and trying to figure it all out! You are also a very smart and hardworking employee, don't ever think otherwise.. you are strong and a great provider don't ever doubt yourself!
Love you.

{Dear Houston Blogger Community and Blogger Community as a whole!} 
YOU GUYS ROCK! Seriously!!! Thank you for all of your help and support, you really inspire me more and more everyday!!! SPECIAL THANKS TO MY LONG DISTANCE BUDDIES..One in New Jersey and the other in Cali...{Ruby and Xenia you ladies are amazing, THANK YOU!!!}

{Dear Social Media}
Where have you been all my life, your ability to unite people near and far and to allow us to share and express is out of this world! Thank you for your innovation and constant evolution into something better and more attainable.
P.S. Have you seen the Social Media reference in the Jack in the Box commercial funny but un-true!! Social Media professionals are very intelligent and creative people. So, yeah. Trust me, we know what a copy machine is... and who even uses paper copies anymore...just sayin'...

{Dear Future Career}
I am coming to get you, so watch out!!!

{Dear Body and Health}
You don't know this but the changes I am making have really paid off in the last month... hope you will appreciate me in 6 months when we meet out goals!

Have a GREAT weekend Eveyone!!!!

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