Monday, April 22, 2013

Inspired. {Local Blogger}

When I started Blogging I had no idea what being a Blogger was, and I definitely didn't know about the Latinos that were so immersed in such an amazing community. I had been Blogging since 2008 but it wasn't until last year that I started to see Blogging in a different light. I used to Blog to share my everyday happenings as a Wife and Employee, then as a Pregnant Wife and Employee, then as a first time Momma, and finally as a Momma of Dos. 

Last year I had the opportunity to attend my first ever Blogger Conference here in Houston and the doors that it has opened as well as the AH-MA-ZING people that I have met has changed my views not only about my own Blog and personal journey but about the Latino Blogging Community as a whole! 

I am HUGE on locals. I love to know that everyday women and men who live here in Houston are Blogging not just to make a personal difference but to make a difference in our community. 

I seek daily inspiration and I have created this mini-series "Inspired." in hopes of inspiring others. 

Today's feature is a Local Blogger {Independent Mami} Q & A: 



Hi! My Name is Alba from, I am 34 yrs old (turning the dreaded 35 this yr) and I am from El Salvador. I am married. I have 2 kids: MJ 14 and Lil Bit 16 months.

How long have you been Blogging? I have been blogging since 2008 but never full time like other bloggers out there.  For me it is just an outlet, I have fun, but when the fun stops I can turn it off.

How did you first get started and what was the most difficult part?  Blogging seemed perfect for me back then.  I was looking for an outlet, a place to have a voice, never thought I would really have much response or influence at all.  The most difficult part was opening up and letting go.  Anything on the internet is no longer yours and that was scary, and it still is.

Tell me what is it that you are after/what were your original goals for your Blog?  I wish I could turn this into a business where I did not have to go to my 8-5 Corporate America job.  

Have you met those goals or gone beyond your expectations?  I have yet to meet that goal but blogging has taken me beyond my initial expectations and who knows where it is taking me.

Tell me what motivates you to continue Blogging?  The opportunity and possibilities are what keep looking for more.

What is your usual plan of action for Blogging?  There is no set plan.  I do not follow a calendar or plan too much ahead.

Did anyone help push you or inspire you to get here?  At first the Walmart 11 moms were the ones who inspired me, then meeting a great group of Latina bloggers really inspired me to believe that I wasn't alone out there.  In our Latin culture anything out of the norm it taboo, you just don't do it.  You are crazy.  Call me crazy then because after meeting these ladies the more I got inspired.  Ana Flores, Rory from MamaContemporanea, and Sylvia from Mama Latina tips are great women who have helped me in one way or another.  They continue to inspired me and others.  

What advice do you have for others in your place? Or for someone who wants to start Blogging?  Advice hmmm...Do what works for you!  You will not become a millionaire entrepreneur from blogging from one day to another.  Some are successful and some aren't.  You get what you give.  This is a full time job and it is a real world you have to deal with out there.  Sometimes people are nice or not, willing to help or not, or embracing you to the community or not liking that you are coming into their territory.   

We all struggle daily with so many personal and daily stress; what has been your favorite quote, book, movie, item, or website that has helped you keep strong and move forward?  My motto is Live Life don't let life live you.  I love my family and that is my priority.  God, family and then just works for me.

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{Momma Note} If you would like to nominate someone for the "Inspired" series, please contact me for details!!! Also, Momma of Dos will be featured on another Local Blogger's Blog on the 23rd, Wait for it...... 


Independentmami said...

Thank you so much. I feel so humbled. I feel we all have a purpose and a destiny. We were meant to meet! What ever I can help you with, I am here.

Unknown said...

This is fun, I think it's important to get to know local bloggers!!!

Unknown said...

It's awesome to meet local bloggers that are similar to you. I'm definitely grateful to have met you! :]

Unknown said...

Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing.