Friday, June 14, 2013

{Anatomy of a Date Night} #latinosimparables

Marriage is a priority in my life. The Hubby and I have been together since 1999. We were young. It's been a while. We now have kids. Toddlers to be exact. A 3 1/2 year old and a Two year old. I mention that a lot. They are only 18 months apart. In our defense we were getting older and we didn't want to miss out on having kids. So, we had two, back to back. It's been the biggest Blessing of our life. It's been exhausting. It's been draining. It's been a truly unexpected journey which we didn't expect in our 30's! But, we survive every day more and more...we love our children and our life together. 

Through it all we both have degrees and pursuing our careers and dreams. Then there is every day life. People. Family. Extended Family. Friends. Etc. Etc. 

Marriage is OUR priority. In 2012, my Hubby graduated from college and  we had a series of events that started the realization that we needed adult time. Not just him and I but with friends and people who were living lives similar to ours. We started some date nights. But, it wasn't until December of last year that we realized how important date night was. It was then that my Hubby said; "Man. We need to do this once a month, at least! That's my New Year Resolution." Music to my ears. And, this man has delivered. 

We have made it a point to have a date night at least once a month, sometimes it happens twice and if we are lucky date night has occurred more than twice in a single month. ::insert happy dance here:: One of my great online friends; who I have met in person, wrote about date nights ::here::

{Gracias a Downy for making our date night a memorable one at the #LatinosImparables Jesse & Joy concert!}

Today, I want to establish what needs to happen in our home for a date night to happen...successfully:

First; we must establish WAY far in advanced a date and/or event. We have been to Birthday Dinners, Weddings, the Theater, Company Parties, Happy Hours, Concerts, Our own Anniversary Dinner, and yes even Church, did I mention Target, every date counts....we make no exceptions or excuses. 

Then; we must find a willing soul who would freely {Did I mention, FREELY} like to take on the task of dealing with not one but DOS {2} toddlers named Cami and Santi.  The Baby-sitter! Usually my Momma. She is the best. And, they love her which makes for an easy escape. Minimal tears=Carefree Momma; kind of! I still worry and the Hubby worries more... at the end of the night we end up showing every cell phone picture of our kids to everyone in the room even strangers. They must know how great our kids are. 

We must then figure our logistics. Time frames, pick up/ drop off locations, number involved in party, and supplies needed to care for the party of two and how we will get ready/ meet up and what time we should leave to our event. Trust me coordination and communication is key in operation "Let's Get this Party Started". I may think of hiring a helicopter in the future, just sayin'...

Finally, we make our great escape into adult land and start our night.   

Sound simple enough? Sure, it may seem simple on paper, but it's taken us a little practice and time to get our act together!  We have both placed the same effort into every outing which makes for a very successful and fun night! 

What about you; how do your date nights usually go?  

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