Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh! So, you don't say...JUNE!

June is one of my favorite. I was born June 29 almost 32 years ago now.  My Hubby doesn't like to make a big deal out of his birthday ever. It's just another day. And, as I have gotten older it's no longer about a party or big festive celebration but more so about reflection and spending time with close friends and of course my beautiful little family!

To me it's a new year filled with new beginning and renewed hope of life! A little like a New Years Eve celebration of my life...haha. One more year on the face of this earth. Making new memories and seeking new ways to improve.

Most days I just see age as another number.  A reflection of the number of years on this earth facing life, every day, day by day. The growth, the lessons learned and the wisdom endured have all caught up to me.... I think. You can tell by the fact that I no longer have the same tolerance and/or the same mentality.

In my 20's I thought I would conquer it all and that I knew it all. I have since gotten married and had children and turned 30, not that I am this huge pot of " I got it all together" but the clarity that comes with the new perspective is pretty impressive. I can now look back and say... "what was I thinking?!" I am sure that in 8 short years when I turn 40, I will be even more en-lighted.

I know I have been promising pictures and posts and YAY-NESS and goodies..but life has been a little hectic lately and getting back into the routine of work has not been easy...I have a couple of deadlines to meet so hopefully I can get those post done.

UNTIL THEN...HAPPY 3 rd day of JUNE!!!!! 

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