Thursday, August 1, 2013

{Sidetracked} Mes de Agosto


It's August! {Hola Agosto!}

I am excited. I think I have said it a million times today but I honestly believe it; August is going to be a good month

A lot of fun activities scheduled. As everyone prepares to go "back" to school we just have a continuance of the school year. My kids are in daycare and they go to school, ALL the time. I know some kids would probably cringe but it's true, especially since this Momma got a new job back in May. 

Which is why we have been a little {or a lot} sidetracked. 

I mean between just now getting back on a schedule or routine again, all the daycare adjustments and work training; it's been hectic. Oh and did I mention the sicks? In July we were sick. All of us, for a while. I think we are finally back on track though. 

Which is difficult considering that for a while now I have not been one to follow strict schedules and routines simply because the organized chaos works best for us. I know that children need some structure and believe me we have structure, we just don't like to get stuck in the same routine or schedule everyday...I think it's my un-diagnosed ADHD. I can't sit still and I can't do the same thing over and over. I have tried. And, really I have been there and done that, and for some reason since I had the kids the less scheduling the better and things just seem to fall into place for us. Not saying we don't plan anything because we do but we just don't plan everything. 

What was I saying? You see sidetracked. 

It happens that quick. But, August will be my month to regain some control, some structure and some scheduling. I am exited, and happy. Cause, have I told you? I have a big announcement tomorrow. I can't wait! Agh! 

HOPE  YOU WILL JOIN ME, OH AND TELL YOUR AMIGAS {&AMIGOS} ABOUT IT. It's going to be fun! And, if you don't follow us PLEASE DO:

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Unknown said...

Aww, I think we all get a little side tracked, don't we. LOL. In a way, I think it is always a good thing. Heck who wants to follow a set schedule. lol

Hope you all are feeling better. I hear a bad flu is going around that area. So hope it didn't affect you.