Wednesday, September 4, 2013

{Vacation Mode} Summer 2013

Do you often find that coming back from vacation or getting back into a routine after a long time away from it to be a little well, difficult?!

So, we got back from vacation almost 3 weeks ago and we still couldn't manage to get it together;until this weekend! I think the 3 day weekend allowed for that extra time needed to adjust. We are still working on schedules, between being on vacation and being sick timing is off.


Here are FIVE things that just had me feeling overwhelmed and well, a little off:

1) Laundry; I could't manage to get it under control with Dos toddlers who are constantly changing and between the Hubby and I and our work clothes and home clothes. I had to finally just wash, wash, wash...and then fold and put it all away in 2 days! It took a lot  but it's finally done!

2) Dishes; we often find ourselves using disposable dishes and still constantly filling the dishwasher or hand washing dishes. Again, I got home one afternoon and washed dishes until I couldn't wash dishes anymore...I did a double dose; ran the dish washer and hand washed as may dishes as I could! Finally getting the job done.

3) Unpacking! Yes, it had been almost 3 weeks and our suitcases were still sitting in our bedroom with some of our stuff still in them. The day{s} that I did laundry I finished emptying them and put them back in the garage! Until our next little getaway....

4) Getting Organized! So, last week I heard some good advice and I can't get it out of my head; Do one thing tonight that will make your morning easier! Last night, I set aside the kids clothes for today and I made sure that the kitchen and living room were clean. It's not something I usually get to do because I run off to bath time and then bed time, usually falling asleep before I can get organized. But, I think this is something I need to keep going.

5) Schedules; being a Blogger {and working outside the home} a schedule is really a blurred line... I Blog when my kids fall asleep but it's getting them to bed while my light is still on and the clickity-clack of my keyboard is going off that's a challenge. Usually we try to be in bed between 9 and 10:30pm. It's a little late but it works for us. Thankfully when the lights go out the kids fall asleep but it's those afternoon/nights when our schedule is super busy or I have too may things to do for the next day that our times are off but we try.

What kind of things keep you organized and going, or ready for the next day?

In our home we take it one day at a time because every day brings a new challenge... but we try to  be as prepared as possible! Un dia a la vez....  


Unknown said...

I find myself in the same position after vacations and long fun, busy weekends! But the memories are worth it, right? Have a great day!

Unknown said...

It usually takes me a good month to get back into the groove of things after a mini vacation. I have no idea why a week away can cause such chaos? lol. So I totally understand. Hope you all find your groove and settle in. :)

Connie Leon said...

Yes Michelle!!! So worth it!!!! And oh yes Melissa! CHAOS. For sure! lol!!!