Saturday, October 5, 2013

{Perspective} #BEConference

3 weeks ago now, I went to Blog Elevated, met some pretty amazing and driven Latinas as well as reconnected with some very familiar faces! {Shout out to my Houston Mom's Blog Contributors; didn't get pictures with you ladies!!}


On the morning of September 20th I stepped into a conference room and opened my ears and heart to what was to come. Our Keynote speaker that morning stated, that most of us would NOT do what was necessary to propel forward. I don't know John Saddington and he doesn't know me other than the brief "you are awesome john" and his "thank you" on Twitter, but if he knew me he would know that you really can't tell me that I won't do what is necessary to propel forward.


You see my whole life has been created on actions. I am kind of a busy body. When I wasn't trying to work or go to school, I was out looking for places to volunteer, when I was all booked I went out to seek my faith and my purpose. Early on in life I decided number one I wouldn't be a statistic, because my 5th grade teacher told me I would be {more on that later} and number DOS, I wouldn't be stuck doing what everyone else is/was doing.

With my drive to move forward; I graduated college seeking a career, I have definitely been there and done that in corporate America.

Then I went on to bigger and better ventures and guess what I became a Momma and since I am a kind of an ambitious person I had two children within 18 month of each-other and now I am here. With a Blog that started as a family sharing and let me tell you about our crazy little lives which I think has evolved into a Blog about parenting and our culture along with some of my faith and daily seeking to be a better person.

I don't have as big of a  following as John has for his blogs and fan pages,yet, but I know that those that do follow me have been supportive and awesome!


This word has been  burned into my brain since Blog Elevated and I don't think it will escape until I change the way others look not only at the word but at my Blog as a whole and ME, in this space

The question is, how? How am I going to change? How am I going to propel forward? 

Be different. And, rise above the crowd. I don't know, yet but you better trust that little Mexican girl is working on it.

John Saddington stated that morning "Maximize your God given uniqueness." Such a simple but powerful statement to me. His tips and pointers that morning definitely called out to me and I am on the MOVE and my goal is to DO more!

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