Friday, January 17, 2014

::Healthy Me:: #MommaFitness

In 2012 I went through a lot. I had postpartum depression almost a year after my daughter was born.

It was so evident. 

On my drive to work. I would cry. On my drive home. I would cry. While I was at work. I cried. Nothing seemed good. Everything was wrong. I accused my Husband of not being a good enough Husband. I didn't sleep or slept too much. I was sad. I was depressed. A lot. All the time, for months.

I went to therapy all Summer that year. For 4 months, I was seeing a Psychologist. 

And, you know what she taught me and what I learned?

How to deal with my depression. Not how to cure it but how to manage everyday life through it and despite of it. There was no real cure for my kind of "crazy".

Honestly. It worked.

Talking to that person who was on the outside looking in; into my work life, into my Marriage and into my family as a unit was indeed relief. I was able to freely express to her what was going on. I never felt judged and I never felt like I didn't trust her.

That same year in September I had a panic attack. I quit my job and made changes. In 2013 my resolution was to take more care of ME. As a Woman, as a Wife, as  Momma. Me. I made a great effort. I know I succeed in some ways. But, this year I want to make a BIGGER AND BETTER effort!

So, here are 5 things I will do this year to ensure that I take care of ME:

1.) Exercise MORE : It's been my stress reliever for MONTHS now. I feel good and happy after I run, walk, Zumba or do Insanity! I went to the gym for a whole month and I loved it! I will start back up in February. It's a great way to feel confident and good about myself, my health and my well being.

2.) Create more ME time: I am not one to sit around and do nothing. Never have been but it's SO needed sometimes. Just forget about work, forget about the mess, and just relax and enjoy. I don't do enough. But, I was watching American Idol this week and I just sat. Didn't care about the mess the kids were making or what kind of mess my Hubby was making in the kitchen while cooking. I just sat.

3.) Schedule Date Nights with my Hubby: Now I say schedule because finding a baby sitter is like pulling teeth. A long drawn out process that no one wants to do, HA! So, the Hubby and I will have our first date this Saturday and as the year goes by we will continue our resolution from last year to have and make more alone time. We deserve it.

4.) Have Girl's Night Out more often:  I love my Momma friends and must stay connected to relate-able, wonderful women who do it all. So that I can learn to be a little better at what I do. My Momma friends inspire me and allow me to be ME. There is no judgment and we love to share, never compare. I get great advice and words of comfort. I am reassured and refreshed with their sincere love and honest opinions. Plus they help remind me of my goals as a Momma and a Wife but more importantly as a friend.

5.) Volunteer more! One of my favorite things to do is Volunteer work, there is something about helping other that makes my heart happy and give me pure joy. It's something I have done since High School and in College it was a bigger reward as I grew and matured. Giving, humbles us and creates a healthy sense of self. I love being involved an a part of my community and making a difference in any way possible! Since my children were born I have limited my Volunteer work to once or twice a year but this year I want to up that and even get my family involved! I think it will be awesome for all of us!!

As Wives and Momma's so many depend on us and look up to us, the only way we can ensure that we will be able to be there for others in a healthy and sane manner is by taking care of ourselves. At almost 33 years old my lessons have all been learned too well. There are plenty of things still to be learned and worked on.

But, I take it one day at a time!

What about you? What are you doing this year to take care of YOU?!

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Independentmami said...

I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award, here is my post: Have a great day!

Connie Leon said...

aww thanks!!

Unknown said...

Connie, therapy is the best investment. I read somewhere that it's okay to be selfish when it comes to self-care, because if we're not healthy, everything suffers. Good luck with your resolutions! :-)