Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Permission Slip ::BAD DAY::

I had a bad day last week. 

You know that song, "you had a bad day". It played in my head all day.

It was raining in Houston but you know that little dark cloud that hovers only over your head and things just seem dark and treacherous. You know the violin playing in the background with the sad music. Yep that was me. The whole 9 yards.

The self-pity parties went on all day and feeling bad for myself was an understatement. 

A while back when I was feeling like this my good friend told me, "I am going to allow you to have a moment to feel sorry for yourself but you can't live or think like that!!!!" She is so right. We are all allowed to have A bad day. I keep reading it's not about the fall but how you recover. 

Let me put my day into perspective for you.

It was raining last week.
Pretty bad. 

As I put both my kids in their car-seats in my truck and then attempted to jump into the front seat as fast as I could, I slipped.

Almost straight out of my truck, the back rim of the door frame caught my fall I hurt myself and scared the heck out of my kids. I grabbed onto the door handle as it saved me from hitting the concrete floor from about 2 or 3 feet above the ground, my truck is high. I probably could have been injured worse.

My daughter cried as I ABANDONED her at daycare for the next 8 plus hours and even wet her self as I walked out the door. I was late for work and in pain. 

My Husband was running late from work that night, so in pain I had to go get my kids. I came home exhausted, blah-ed, and feeling depressed for this so called "life" that I lead. 

The bad day followed me all the way to bed, I didn't even workout. I felt fat, irrelevant and un-happy. 

I woke up the next day promising myself that yesterday, would never happen. Truth is, it will. All the time. No matter what I do or try to avoid. Situations happenBad days. HAPPEN. 

BUT, I can't allow ONE bad day to determine who I am, where I come from, or where I am yet to go. I promised 2014 would be about PEACE. And, I am determined to follow through. Bad days happen but they do NOT define. Me.

The day after that was better. The clouds outside even cleared a little, enough for me to appreciate the life that I have been granted and the many Blessings that I have been given in my almost 33 years. 

Never give up hope. Just when you think it's over. Life is just about to begin. 

{Did I mention my Beautiful Sister gave me one her awesome SNAP OUT OF IT YOU DUMMY pep-talks! She is so real and I appreciate her "GET OVER IT CONNIE!" text messages cause she keeps it real. Sometimes that's what we need. My good friend Cinthia also gave me a great little pep-talk and helped me realize what my goals are, and realistic perspectives about where I am!}

I am writing this as a reminder that bad days happen but I will not allow them to determine who I am! 

Peace is here...to stay.... 

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