Monday, February 24, 2014


For the longest time balance has been on my mind.

The word just makes me cringe.

Between trying to be a career Momma, a house-wifey/home-making Momma, a blogger Momma and an everything else Momma; balance just never seems to be the right fit for me. I mean really when do I have time to balance when I am always on the go.

Thankfully, I came across this article and I am not the only who doesn't agree with the word; Balance. I have always thought, I will do what works for me...semi-somewhat-organized, spur of the moment, let's see how today goes kinda Momma. One day at a time a new plan and new way almost every day.

Crazy? Sure. Chaos? Definitely but it works for me.

Trying to find balance is more like "blurred lines" for me as the article states. I do go through stages where I am either focused on my family, my health, my friends, my writing, myself or any other particular item that comes my way that day, that week, that month and yes...that year...

Here is a little of what my somewhat daily "schedule" looks like:

5:45/6:15ish-6:30 am Wake up time; jump in the shower and get self ready.
6:30-7:25/30ish Wake up kids, get them ready {sometimes with help or alone}, pack lunches {sometimes}, get out the door..don't forget pack backpacks and nap-time blankets on Monday's; we pray in the car.
7:30-7:45/50ish depending on how the moods are I sit and eat breakfast at school with my kids... then walk them to class.
7:50-8:00 am get to work, our daycare is close by...thank goodness.
8am-5/6/or 6:30 pm or so...depending on the day..Work work
5pm-6:00 pm When I don't work late I workout right after work, then go get my kids...
5pm-6:30 pm right now due to Rodeo season this is my travel time from my kids daycare to my Momma's house so she can watch them and then I head to Reliant; Tuesday nights only. {Meeting usually runs from 6:30 or so until 9 pm or so.}
7 pm Bible Study- when I can Thursday nights... I was doing really good for months and then stopped...gotta get back to it.
6:30-9 pm Travel time home, talk to my kids about their day, get home on a regular day; start dinner, clean up, Dinner {talk time with my Hubby}, kid bath time...every other night...yes every other night....laundry and clean up some more... put clothes away..clean up some more. Get lunches ready {sometimes}.
9pm-11pm If I didn't exercise then it goes here. If not then I start Blogging, checking emails, scheduling posts on Blogger or FB. Check deadlines and plan Blog posts. Upload pictures to FB, review stats and number of followers...sometimes...
11-12:30 am On a good night, this is bed time... then get up all over again and do it all over again...

This varies depending on what we have going on.... I am sure I am missing something... I am now fitting in Date Nights with my Hubby at least once a month...and GNO or Selfie time once a month as well. Soon we will have to add kids extra curricular activities.

How do you keep balanced or not? What are your best tips for staying on track?

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